Chasing Dusk - An Island Warriors Cat Roleplay!
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Lost in the dense jungles of scattered islands, facing perils unimagined by their ancestors, are three warrior groups - The traditional JUNGLECLAN, descendants of the original clans carried aboard a twoleg contraption from their home long ago and breaking new ground on old beliefs. Second, the curious TIDALCLAN, made up of kittypets who chose to abandon their long since passed twoleg civilization ways for those of true felines. Lastly, the mysterious TRIBE OF TWISTED ROOTS, hidden in the mist from others with their strange ways and a deeper knowledge of the land around them. Together they must learn how to take their fate into their own paws if they wish to survive this land of erupting mountains and roaring waters. There is a threat coming that will soon push the Tribe and the Clans together, for better or for worse.

A new group has come to the island. The KINGDOM OF MOKUHAU, a monarchy based group that has lived in the mountains unknown for several moons is going to become part of a plot that is launching very soon. We have refreshed some rules around the site, added new boards and redid our map to reflect all of the changes. Lots of exciting changes are happening, and we hope to see you there to help us continue growing. We are a welcoming community that is actively trying to be better based on member feedback!

→ Sandbox style, liquid time roleplay
→ 100 word minimum for in character posts
→ Two original clans, a tribe and a NEW monarchy
→ Site currency for fun extras with earning opportunities
→ Friendly and active community with a discord
→ NEW plot launching very soon

If you are ready to dive in, come join us!

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