Tiamat, Evanora
Evanora Tiamat
played by Supernova
character basics
- [Age] 2 years
- [Birth Season] Fall
- [Eye Color] Orange
- [Pelt Color(s)] Russet, Brown, White, Black

- [First Skill] STR
- [Second Skill] END
- [Third Skill] TOL
- [Constellation] The Rivals
- [Affiliation (Loner/Pack)] Loner
player basics
- [Your Preferred Pronouns] She
- [Link to your OOC Account] *
roleplay sample
She heard him before she smelled him.


That voice! It was as familiar to her as the scent of her mother – laced with pine and dust. But it startled her nonetheless, and she combed the charred trunks for its source. Was it? Could it be? Anxiety blossomed in her breast and left her heart beating wildly against bone. ’No, no, I’m not ready! This isn’t how this was supposed to happen.’ Stress and elation sparked a fire in her gut.

And then she saw him… though his bearing was unbecoming of the Karnak she was familiar with. So composed and thoughtful, he’d tamed his flame long ago; Evanora knew from experience he was not a man to be underestimated. Karnak, the great tactician, he could not be broken or swayed. But now he looked shaken.

”Karnak???”Shock spread across her own face. Evanora’s paws were heavy like stone, weighing her down – for once she couldn’t will herself to move. ’Is this really him?’ It was hard to believe! But there he was, his eyes blessed by the morning light and afternoon fire dancing in his pelt. ”You are alright!”

A stupid grin spread across her maw, and suddenly she was sprinting to meet him. They almost collided but Evanora stopped herself just in time, pressing her nose aggressively into his cheek. ”Of course I’m alright! Are you alright? I was so worried!” She licked his ears furiously. ”There was the fire, and then I got stuck on top of some stupid mountain, and I wasn’t sure what happened to you guys! Are you eating enough?”

Oh god. Where was everybody else? Her heart ached and Evanora longed to see her family again. But she didn’t want to overwhelm him with questions, so they remained unasked. Anxiety flickered in her gaze, an unmasked flame that gave all her thoughts away. Evanora, the passionate. Callous. Unrefined.

But maybe she could be better.

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