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In the flourishing city of Pompeii, both two-leg and feline alike prosper under the guidance of their gods. Two clans reign within the city walls. Militibus Cinis, the first of its kind, is filled with strong and fierce warriors. While Sola Scintilla, with its wisdom and prideful ways, tread the underground pathways of Pompeii with ease. Though the two clans, different in ways of life and protected by each of their gods, have moved past their civil war days and remain relatively peaceful.

Brand-new adventures awaits you. Cinis brings an original origin story to the land of warriors. Look past Starclan and follow the words from new gods. Explore Pompeii today!

• Sandbox style, liquid time roleplay
• 100 word minimum for in character posts
• Two original clans, plot, history, and setting
• Site and clan HR positions available
• Friendly and active community on discord
• Site-wide plot launching soon

Are you ready to go back in time? Then feel free to join us!

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