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Vaeris - An original fantasy RP [jcink premium]
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Where light is, darkness follows. This is a fact of reality that both create balance in the world, and haunts us all. This lesson was never learned so harshly as it was in the years 60PS-67PS. With unrest growing amongst the mortals, death became an all too common occurrence among the magical creatures. As the mortals began to plot against the very beings that they originated from, unrest gave way to malcontent, which then led to war. Through seven (7) years of methodical murder and destruction, the magicless overthrew the magical. When the dust of war had settled, an entire race of magical beings had been nearly eradicated, save for the few remaining scattered tribes and groups who had been hidden for centuries.

With the war over and the mortals victorious, the mortals have grown greedy, violent, and lustful. It is a shameful sight for the deities to behold. The creatures they so lovingly created turning against one another, and cruelly lying, robbing, and killing their way to glory or to death. This nature, unfortunately, has not grown any better over the ages. Instead, the greedy nature of the mortals only seems to grow worse with time.

Will the mortals change, or will the world collapse under their iron fists?

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