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The Fairfolk


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The Fairfolk

The Fairchildren of Cyrileth have long imbued their lives with the importance of faith. They are an ancient family, with branches reaching out unto the heavens. Every one of their number is blessed by the stars, in the form of light-colored flecks that decorate their pelt; wolves that lack this distinctive mark are often cast from the family as unworthy. Wolves not of the blood may find succor with the Fairfolk if they agree to be sponsored into it by one of the 'pure' bloodlines, and it is required that they adopt the family's faith as their own.

The constellations are the Fairfolk's gods, and the Seven act as the foundations of their culture, religion, and customs. To their doctrine, there are only seven true constellations; the Father, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Twins, Shadow, and the Eldritch Tree. Kin are identified amongst the family by tracing their lineages from the original Seven, tying family bonds and dictating prestige and status. Depending upon the star under which they were born, wolves may be blessed the chance to arise to the station of the Seven, the leading wolves of the family. Constellations also often are used to dictate roles wolves will seek out amongst the pack, be it healers, warriors, shamans, or sentinels.

Oberon Eldar
Galiene El
The Seven
Maiden | Guinevere El
Crone | Caella Öz
Shadow |
Twins |
Eldritch Tree | Curran Ny
The Kin
Tristan NorrBlithe Norr
Lyonesse ElAvalon Vaster
Percival Öz---
The Neophytes


- The Calendar: The year for the Fairchild clan is broken up by the presence of numerous celestial events, with each new year beginning at the rise of Summer Solstice. The Equinox, meteor showers, and full moons also hold important places in the families daily life, acting as points in time where the Fairchildren celebrate stories of the constellations and enact important pack events.

- Fidelity: The Fairchildren are not a clan who specifically command fidelity amongst their established couples. Bloodlines that are deemed ‘pure’ are looked to as superior, but family members are permitted dalliances with outsiders so long as any children who are marked by the stars as chosen are brought back into the family fold. Pressure is more often put on the Seven to ensure good family lines.

- Family lineages: Lineages are traced through the mothers line, as it is the most easily followed; with the exception of children born from a male Fairchild and an outsider, in which case the children will take the line of their father. These lineages are denoted as prefixes to the Fairchild name, with kin often referring to each other by their prefix (Guinevere of El). Lineages must always be acknowledged before rank or parentage; as to do so it strictly taboo and seen as improper. (Guinevere of El, daughter of Galiene, Maiden of the Seven).

- Blood letting: To the Fairchildren, the blood of a body is mortal vessel of all living things, and is therefore the most soiled piece of flesh. After hunting, they will cut the main arteries in the next, groin, and limbs of the carcass, to allow for the blood to drain before eating. Likewise, when a Fairchild is newly dead, it is the duty of their kin to blood let the fallen, draining the blood so as to purify the body for its rite of death. To keep the blood in the body, is to soil the spirit, and to doom their kin from ever venturing to join the stars in the After.

- Healing for the chosen: Healing is a sacred art, a skill that is strictly held in confidence to the Shadow born children of the clan. No other constellation is ever permitted to formally learn or perform the arts of herbology, toxicology, mental healing or spiritual guidance.

- The seven: The Seven are named by the Seven Constellations upon which they are blessed to rule over the Fairchild clan. Each hold a pivotal role amongst the people are instilled faith, duty, and guidance to the flock. The Father and Mother guide the Fairchildren as a whole, being of the Voice, raising morale, instilling a united front, and vetoing as a final vote in council. The Maiden, Crone, and Shadow are their wisdom, soothsayers, knowledge seekers, and scholars. The Eldritch Tree and Twins are their strength, their warriors and sturdy protectors, strong without the vanity and rage of the rivals and bear. They lead the ceremonies and rituals, and sit as the pinnacle of Fairchild life.

- The sinful: The Bear, the Rival, the Fool. Once, they were part of the Fairchild pantheon, constellations beloved like the others. But they were shown to be prideful, foolish, and murderous, encouraging conflict and suffering by their very nature. The Fairchild believe them to be false gods, the true evil who managed to seep into the light of the Seven. It is by their existence that madness and chaos thrive in Cyrileth, and by their removal, so shall peace and order reign. Those who are born under their light must be removed, resulting in the inquisition from the past generations, and their true rarity amongst the natives.

- Redemption: By their hand, the lost shall come into the light. The Fairchildren are dictators, monsters, they enact their beliefs upon the world without prejudice, uncaring for the diversity or desires of other’s. Yet, they do not do so blindly, seeking those who wish to understand the will of the stars, bringing outsiders, and heathens into blessed purpose. They send forth their missionaries, always with a message of unity, an open hand so easily turned to clenched fist. Those who convert are baptized, brought under the Fairchild name, and learned in the wisdoms and teachings of the Stars.

- Winter & Summer Solstice (January & July)
- Day of the Shadow (March)
- Fruit of the Eldritch (April)
- Night of the Crone’s Lantern (May)
- Tears of the Maiden (September)
- Moon of the Father (October)
- Mother’s Blessing (November)
- Vigil of the Twins (December)