The Fairfolk
The Fairfolk

The Fairchildren of Cyrileth have long imbued their lives with the importance of faith. They are an ancient family, with branches reaching out unto the heavens. Every one of their number is blessed by the stars, in the form of light-colored flecks that decorate their pelt; wolves that lack this distinctive mark are often cast from the family as unworthy. Wolves not of the blood may find succor with the Fairfolk if they agree to be sponsored into it by one of the 'pure' bloodlines, and it is required that they adopt the family's faith as their own.

The constellations are the Fairfolk's gods, and the Seven act as the foundations of their culture, religion, and customs. To their doctrine, there are only seven true constellations; the Father, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Twins, Shadow, and the Eldritch Tree. Kin are identified amongst the family by tracing their lineages from the original Seven, tying family bonds and dictating prestige and status. Depending upon the star under which they were born, wolves may be blessed the chance to arise to the station of the Seven, the leading wolves of the family. Constellations also often are used to dictate roles wolves will seek out amongst the pack, be it healers, warriors, shamans, or sentinels.

For more about Fairfolk lore and customs, please see our page here.

Oberon Eldar
Galiene El
The Seven
Maiden |
Crone | Caella Öz
Shadow |
Twins |
Eldritch Tree |
The Kin
Blithe Norr
Percival Öz
Tristan Norr
Isolde El
Elsynia Ny
Nicholai Väster
Lonán Norr
Æthelwine Norr
The Neophytes

Uneasiness and unrest touch all of the Fairchildren... Their numbers have dwindled and expanded again, introducing new faces into the midst while familiar ones fade away. With outsiders continuing to pour into Cyrileth and tensions mounting, what will the Fairfolk do to preserve their faith?


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