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Hot Springs
Magma that fills the volcano's veins has, in turn, heated underground water reservoirs. Pressure differences have caused the water to seep into a collection of pools. At first, the hot springs are too hot to touch. Given time to acclimate, however, these blessed springs are respite from the northern cold. Mist is a permanent veil within the air. It is not uncommon to happen upon monkeys bathing within the waters, and while they might appear tame, they are vicious adversaries. Those that travel alone are unwise.

Great spires of ebon' rock scrape against the sky. Hot water flows between the cracks within them and slips over the edge into the cascades.

Here is where the lovers hide from the world, their kisses tender and sincere. The maiden grabs the rival's hand and draws him away from his trials. Her touch is sweet and distracting, for he holds no rivalry here. Her heart is his.

Hot Springs
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