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    Act I. Scene III.


    Act I. Scene II.

    Natives and outsiders alike have come to marvel over the dying god. Some have found solace beneath the tree's branches whilst never understanding why. Wolves have noticed a strange pollen in the air as well as a tinge of bitterness in the surrounding creeks. Hints of blood mark the grass by the Eldritch Tree's trunk, yet whether from death or battle, none are certain. The wolves of Cyrileth are beginning to think that a poisonous mold has taken hold of the forest...

    Act I. Scene I.

    The Red Wood has started to rot. Fallen logs have left open wounds within the forest canopy. Crimson leaves brown as they wither upon the forest floor. The Eldritch Tree is dying.
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  • Heavenly Bodies

    The Father

    He reigns supreme, his glow the guiding star within the night sky. His gaze sweeps over all who walk within his domain, judging their actions, assessing their souls. Some say that he hunts for the murderer of the Eldritch Tree. There will be no mercy, no remorse. Those that he has blessed feel... emboldened.

    The Twins

    Often so pure, so sweet, so pleased. The Twins oft lounge within summer, sampling the fruits of Da'ira and Geld. This year, however, the hide. The twinkling stars have taken to a distant position, fear burning within their hearts and horror in their eyes. Those that they have blessed feel... anxious.

    The Rivalry

    Enflamed, the dueling stars burn with a reddish hue. One accuses his competitor of poisoning the tree and the other offers insults and threats in return. They come to blows, the separate. Even within the thick of storms, the Rivals can still be seen. Those that they have blessed feel... furious.

    The Bear

    She is restless. Her cubs have been weaned, her temperament irritable. Her hunger is ravenous after winter's sleep and she wishes to devour Cyrileth of its bounty. The Eldritch Tree creates little more than passing interest in her eyes. The star is distant. Those that she has blessed feel... restless.
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    The Darkbeast. Despite a harrowing past, there lurks a potential for romance. But will such a fragile flower wilt?


    Guinevere, by Scamander ... A maiden of unmatched beauty, yet her will is iron and her faith dogged.

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"And here the angels sit upon their throne"
lava beach
"... our veins are but lava encased in stone"
maiden's tears
"...only the righteous cry, for they don't know"
"...that we are all alone."

"A siren's song is sweet"
hot springs
"...gentle as the din of war"
alpine lake
"...look into those eyes of ice and steel"
hidden forest
"...and heal forever more"

poppy meadows
"far afield the poppy grows, its mark the mark of sin"
"...and when the rivers swell, its waters wash us clean again"
rock beach
"...but we are little more than children of the earth"
earth's edge
"...and when we stray, once more we see what little we are worth"

pine forest
"A den of thieves, a guild of rats"
red wood
"...a carnal sort of lust"
"...for all that hides and twists and lurks"
forgotten vista
"... is all that's left for us"
desolate, 7 hours ago by Thea.

In the name of the Clave ..., 6 hours ago by Clave mod.
[P]How to kill a Mockingb..., Yesterday, 06:00 PM by Kassian.

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