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    Patch 12.

    An Activity Check has been posted! Please age up characters born in winter. Post once with every character that you wish to keep! Deadline: 2/21

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    Act II. Scene IV.

    The bear's lair has been found behind the waterfall at Earth's Edge. Wolves of Cyrileth are tempted into the darkness, yet what dark secrets await? Some whisper that these are the paths to a new world, one of eternal suffering. Others seek adventure, revenge, glory, or perhaps the seed of the Eldritch Tree.
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  • Heavenly Bodies

    The Eldritch Tree

    Emptiness spans the sky. Those that it has blessed feel... desolate.

    The Maiden

    She shivers, twinkling softly in a lonely corner of the heavens. Her eyes span the horizon as she nervously waits, a lamb awaiting slaughter. Fear burns within her heart. Those that she has blessed feel... distressed.

    The Rivalry

    The battle rages on and spectral hands grip a competitor's throat. One god strangles his eternal rival, and for a moment, the tension seems fit to break the very sky. Above, the stars hold an orange hue now. Those that they have blessed feel... disgusted.

    The Fool

    He lounges upon his makeshift throne, an amused smile playing upon his lips. He watched the Eldritch Tree burn with a mild sense of gratification, for his deaths have never been so righteous. He feels as though he has won, and so smug he shall stay. Those that he has blessed feel... selfish.
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