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Folklore is a mature (18+), literate, semi-realistic wolf roleplay. We focus on cooperative writing, community building, and creative expression. Our ultimate goal is to have fun while maintaining the essence of a classic wolf roleplay. Utilize skills in combat, participate in site-wide plots, earn perks through a unique constellation-based system, and experience a respectful and enthusiastic community.

The links in the guidebook are color coordinated to help you navigate. Gold links include important information for joining the site. Blue links include world information. Gray links include system information that is useful for game-play. We suggest that all users peruse the entire guidebook before posting, but gold links should be your highest priority.

Please note that the site is best viewed in google chrome.

At first it was a whisper in the wind, a thought mumbled in passing. Return to fundamentalist ideals. There is corruption in this land. Hatred was the flame that lit the candle's wick... and all at once the world was ablaze. Such was the passage of a rigid, nihilistic religion that holds no name. Its followers have amassed in number, and all who reject it are the wicked. If the holy are to walk the fertile lands, where flee the wretched? The heretics? Well, they run to the beggars and the thieves. They hide for they cannot fight. They run for they cannot stand still and watch.

There rests Cyrileth, a land named for its treachery and cursed origin. All who live here have hid away from the world of their own volition. They have forged a life where living is mere misery. What is scarce is just barely enough for those who walk the hills and mountain passes.

And now you have arrived, or perhaps you have always been.

Refugees who cannot stand the crusades have chosen to gamble with the elements, but it is not with a god that they have bargained. It is with those native peoples whose blood run with iron and rust.

First and foremost, respect is our top priority. Respect others' property (don't steal intellectual/creative content). Respect others' space and boundaries (don't fill chat with immensely personal content). Respect others' right to write (do not spread slander in an attempt to alienate, do not tell an adopter who they can and cannot plot with).

By joining Folklore, you are joining a community of writers. If you consistently cannot integrate into the community (either by instigating fights, hurting others' feelings, making others uncomfortable), you will be asked to leave. No hard feelings meant, we just want everyone to coexist well. If this community isn't a good fit, we can suggest any of our affiliates as alternatives.

Folklore’s guidebook contains the codified site rules, but not every situation or problem can possibly be accounted for beforehand. Because of this, we hope that all members of the community maintain and exemplify the rules, and their purposes, at all times. Attempting to find loopholes or circumvent Folklore’s systems is not in the spirit of the rules, or in the spirit of the site we call home.

OOC rules
All users must be 18+ years of age
200 word minimum per post
Avatar Size: 250 x 300 px , Max Table Width: 600 px
A character’s design cannot be changed once it has been accepted
Characters must all be original content. We do not permit characters from canon media
You may have 7 characters for free

8+ character accounts must be purchased in the shop

At least 2 weeks must pass after bringing in a character before a new one can be made
Threads are archived after one month without posts and cannot be unarchived
Users are discouraged from roleplaying with themselves. Perks that directly involve two or more of your own characters will not be honored

For example, you cannot: breed with yourself, be counted twice for pack requirements, use a thread with yourself for blessings, etc.

Users found to have been banned from other sites may have their membership revoked
Taken names become available if the account is left dormant for 5+ months and has < 50 posts.

This excludes characters born and played on-site and extensions can be obtained on a case-by-case basis

IC rules
Each IC Year is 44 weeks long with each season having 11 weeks
We use liquid time for writing in the near past and future. Making threads set in the far future (i.e. fall when it is summer) is not permitted
No NPCs allowed

If a character goes inactive, they are not in-game. They cannot linger "off-screen" and must be assumed to have disappeared from reasonable contact. Pups are exempt and may be assumed to be sick in a den.

Characters may not be killed without permission
Mark threads with sensitive content (gore, sexual themes) with an “M” prefix
Sexually explicit content is forbidden and we ask that users “fade to black”
No humans or human-like tendencies (using tools, accessorizing, etc.) exist in this world
Creators of a thread can implement time constraints on their threads

For example, characters will be skipped if they don't post in 3 days

Thread Prefixes
AW, All Welcome, Anyone may join
P, Private, Only those tagged may join
M, Mature, Contains graphic content
E, Event, Site Wide Plots (SWPs) and/or Pack Events
Hybrid Prefixes
AWM, All Welcome & Mature
PM, Private & Mature
EM, Event & Mature

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