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Alpine Lake

Alpine Lake
A hidden gem within the northern lands. While Cyrileth is no paradise, the alpine lake can give the illusion of prosperity. Most valleys are densely packed with pines, yet this one is seeded with soft, green grass. Bluebells and wild wheat shiver as a gentle breeze whispers secrets. White stone encircles the valley's side and slopes toward the lake's edge.

Crystalline are the waters of the lake. The stones on the bottom can be seen from above. Small fish feed on the algae that grows beneath, the ecosystem in perfect equilibrium. Take caution, however. The lake is deceptively deep. The lake's center cannot be seen from the shore and those that venture out have drowned in their carelessness.

Come winter, the lake will freeze and withhold its bounty from passerby. It is the Fool that dances upon the slender ice, his foot falling through and his bloated body washing ashore in spring.


Alpine Lake
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