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Sacred Isle

Sacred Isle
Here lies a holy land. The island stretches high into the sky -- so high, in fact, that it is often topped by low-hanging clouds. When you reach the top of the highest rise, it is said that you might feel the soft touch of the God and Goddess on your fur or hear their whispered wishes in your ear…

When the earth crashed together to form the island long ago, it did so unevenly and imperfectly. The landscape of the island is varied. Hills and cliffs are juxtaposed by inlets and smooth, open spaces. Palm trees and scrubby brush are equally dispersed. Creatures of all shapes and sizes have found their way to the island and call it home. Predator and prey are plentiful. However, the island’s inhabitants are varied and unpredictable, as any creature from the mainland might find its way across the sand bar connecting the mainland to the island at any given time. This is a place for travelers and natives alike, though its sacred secrets are oft kept to the children of the God and Goddess.


Sacred Isle
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