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Sinner's Marsh

Sinner's Marsh
A man once sought to build a forest for his wife to show his mastery of the earth. He wallowed in temptation, greedily stealing saplings of mangroves and evergreens and birches. With muddy paws he dug within the soil and replanted them, ever eager to prove that the God and Goddess were not the only ones with the power to reshape their world.

Though charmed, his wife feared for the repercussions of his folly. She bided her time, attempting to disway him from planting that which did not belong. He was undeterred and, out of her godly duty, she went to commune with the dual deities.

Their vengeance was as swift as their forgiveness. While the wife was making her way back from the sacred isle, they sent great tusnamis to bathe the land in water. The man's trees twisted, the land became choked with new streams and lakes... and his body floated within the center of the destruction.

Having sheltered at the island, the wife returned to witness the consequences of his hubris.

Now, many kinds of trees form a parody of a forest. Evergreens and mangroves and birches grow at odd angles and their branches hang limp with lichen and algae. Stagnant waters are ripe with mosquitos and darkness seems to press in at all angles.

Sinner's Marsh
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