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Voice: Rita (Oliver & Company)

Medium || Dark Blue/Slate Gray Fur || Black Stockings || Torn Right Ear || Bright Green Eyes

A beast of... rather average proportions. Blackfoot is 30" and weighs in at 113lbs which places her firmly in the medium category of her species. It's a fact that she doesn't mind at all because it allows her to fade into the background. She isn't so small that people run up to her to oogle nor is she so big that everyone eyes her warily. Although this does lend itself to endurance and stamina. She can't attack as her as the larger brutes but she can outlast most of them and while the smaller wolves tend to run circles around her she can attack harder and usually outlast them. Being average has its perks.

In coat color she is predominantly a dark blue-gray color that almost looks black in the right light. She might not stand out in the way of markings but that's alright with her as well. Her pelt isn't completely devoid of accents though and all four of her legs and paws are a deep black, hence her name.

One of her most prominent features is her eyes. They are a very bright seafoam green that tend to stick out against her darker pelt. Something she doesn't like at all...

As far as scars go she has the normal wear and tear of any wolf that has seen a few battles. Her most prominent mark, however, is her right ear which has been halfway torn off.


Blunt | Pragmatic | Thoughtful | Quiet | Stubborn
Compassionate | Honest | Short-Temper | Collected | Cool | Distant

Tact is a trait that is sorely lacking with this girl. When she speaks --which she tries to keep her speaking to a minimum-- it is usually to the point without regard for other's feelings. She doesn't believe in sugar-coating or using playful words to carry a meaning that she doesn't intend. One will always know where they stand with her whether they want to or not. Back onto the point of her not speaking... She has no problem with holding a conversation but will only do so if she sees a point and the conversation is worth it. Otherwise talking for the sake of talking is an annoyance to her and if you try to promote idle chatter --to her-- in her presence she will certainly tell you about it.

Now, while her people skills are left to be desired she isn't a monster. While many may dislike her because of her abrasiveness she doesn't go out of her way to be a malignant force. She just exists to do what is best for her... but if someone is in trouble she won't ignore them. Whether she likes to admit it or not there is good deep down inside of her even if she does her best to tell others she doesn't have any or even to ignore it. That isn't to say that she wouldn't kill or attack in the name of a pack, however. Goodness aside, she has deepset loyalties and would follow those she cast her lot with to the ends of the earth.

That being said she is a logical thinker and plans for the long-term, thinking things ahead and thoughtfully making plans for herself. The things that hold her back from completely following through on her plans are her own stubbornness and impatience. She won't take nonsense from anyone and though she never starts fights --unless absolutely necessary-- she isn't going to back down from someone trying to bully her. Always logical though she isn't likely to go through with a fight that she knows is a lost cause but will bluff the hell out of someone if she thinks they are trying to shove their weight around a bit too much.

Since becoming a pack leader this girl has tried to branch out and become more than what she was raised as. Talking is still kept to a minimum but she tries to be there for her packmates more and --gasp-- talk to learn more and build relationships. Wolves weren't meant to be alone and she's trying to do more. Towards this end she usually gets swept up in her work of patrolling, hunting, and other pack duties and forgets to let those she cares about know that she does love them. She will say it but it does not come easily to her to show it.

That being said she still takes nonsense form no one. She is a leader with a stern first impression, impassive in expression and giving little away by way of emotion to those she does not know. With the backing of her packmates fights come more easily and she will not tolerate disrespect. It is a necessity in her mind to put interlopers in their place.

Her hand is harsh in judgement but there is also compassion there. Like one of The Father's constellation she is the stern force but also one that can correct and only wants to see the best for those she cares about. But she is a new leader, yet, insecurity still lies in her heart as well as a fervent want to not turn out like the mother who raised her.

Blossoming slowly in her heart are emotions that she long sought to keep hidden but under the gentle touch of her loved ones, they have started to bloom. There is a playfulness in her, a teasing nature and dark humor that will ever so slightly curl her muzzle upwards in mirth.


Zavala- Grandmother
Vanderfell- Grandfather - Deceased

Amelia- Mother
Crispin- Father

Sif- Adoptive Daughter

Dove- Best Friend
Cailan- Mate
Caspian- Son
Nora- Daughter
Coralia- Daughter
Black- Daughter


Chieftain of Astaria Haven

Just a few notes... Her mother fell in love with someone she shouldn't have. A child was born of this union. The father left. All of Black's siblings died (because winter) except for one, her. Black's mother hated her but couldn't leave her only pup to die because she didn't want to be a "murderer". Named her after the first trait she noticed about her. Her mother abandoned her as soon as she was self-sufficient.

-image by Lunicea <3-

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