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Height at shoulder: 35"
Weight: 125lbs
Gait: Confident, almost prance-like at times
Build: Slender but muscled

The base coat of this lovely girl is tan, and she's covered with multiple shades of colors. Those colors are mainly in a cape that spread down her back in the typical 'V' pattern of most wolves. The colors of dark brown, dark tan and russet form a sort of mask on her face, stopping shortly before the edge of her mouth. Multicolored eyes stare out from her colored mask, portraying an intelligent mind. Her left eye is a bright emerald green and her right eye is a bright teal blue. Lineart by Viisrah @ Deviantart


Cheerful | Compassionate | Humble | Fierce | Protective | Opinionated

Cheiren is a very cheerful wolf, always making an attempt to find the good in a situation. She's a good wolf to have around, especially if you want to see the positive in something. This girl is also a very compassionate wolf, always caring for those around her. If someone had a bad day, she's more than willing to lend an ear for them to talk to if they wish to. Cheiren is also a humble girl, not really wishing to brag about her skills and abilities. If someone gives her a compliment, she'll be thankful but try to keep them from going on too much about it. You'd better watch out if you made a hateful comment to her or a friend. She's fiery, quick to ignite but quick to forgive as well. If you offend her, she'll turn around and almost bite your nose off with a retort. But if you apologize she forgives pretty quickly. In addition to being shy and fiery, Cheiren is also very opinionated. Sometimes, if you ask for her opinion she will be very vocal about it and go on and on. Even if you don't ask for her opinion she'll do the same.


Mother: Sólsetur Ameera-Velariae
Father: Narinian Velariae
Brother(s): Haarkon Velariae
Sister(s): Elísabet Velariae

Mate: Adair Immortalis
Son(s): N/A
Daughter(s): N/A


Cheiren's mother was a gorgeous medic, one of a pack who was well known from their lands. Sólsetur had a habit of charming the warriors she helped heal after battles, but eventually began to develop a bond with one named Narinian Velariae. He continued to visit the medic, even when he had no need to do so. Eventually, the warrior got up the courage to ask Sólsetur's father if he could court her, as it was common practice in their lands to court a female before becoming mates. Since Sólsetur was the Lord's Medic (the attending medic who was on call for any ailment of the pack's Lord and Lady), it was required that whoever was to be a suitor of her be able to hold themselves with respect and nobility whenever in the presence of the Lord and Lady. However, Narinian proved himself worthy of becoming Sólsetur's bonded mate. Not a season later, it was discovered that Sólsetur was expecting a litter of pups!

When it was time for Sólsetur to give birth, the pale colored medic gave birth to a litter of three pups. She gave birth to two females and a male. Sólsetur and Narinian named the girls Cheiren and Elísabet, and the male Haarkon. The three grew up safe and respected within the pack. As the first-born pup, Cheiren was taught her mother and father's skills in both battle and healing. The three pups grew up loved and well-protected within the pack When Elísabet and Cheiren began to mature and grow into the beauties so similar to their mother, many males within the pack began to attempt to be their suitors. However, their mother would not choose a mate for them. They were to pick their own husbands. And in their culture, taking a husband was a sacred ceremony, one that required another ceremony to sever the bond between the mated pair, which was rarely done.

Soon, however, the Lord and Lady of the pack were caught up in a coup. Sólsetur and Narinian took their nearly 2 year old pups and fled, not wanting to be tried as criminals since they were so close to the royal family of their natal pack. The family of five headed out from the land. However, a snowstorm struck up a month into their journey, and the five ended up separated. Cheiren doesn't know where her family has ended up, but she found herself in the land of Cyrileth. And this is where we begin... (Last edited and updated 9/9/2018)

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