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Scarring, patches of missing fur and contorted flesh; all aspects that show definitive proof of a terrible life. So gruesome are those old wounds, healed so improperly that the metallic scent of blood and infection clings to his body even now as if shrouding him in wrongness. He is a purely obsidian creature, not a hair any lighter than pitch black. If his scars were not enough to make a weak soul quiver, then they would surely find his intimidating physique something to be frightened of. He is nothing if not muscular, 36 inches and 156 pounds of beast. What intricate intelligence he lacks is forgiven easily by how capable he is, and that power- that brutality he radiates is only reinforced by emerald eyes glinting with capricious nature.



  • He is disconnected, speaking and thinking on a different frequency; his own reality. Neither fully here, or there- Caedes operates in an almost corpse-like fashion. Unfriendly, standoffish, insensitive, and bold. He displays little to no regard for others, and more often than not he is callous and cruel.
    • Impassive, showing no emotion or reaction to both pleasure and pain.

  • He is a focused male, driven by the desire for survival and the need to search for tangible purpose. He is relentless when it comes to what he must do, made ruthless once he fixates on a set goal. At times, his tendency for tunnel vision can make it impossible for him to see reason or shake himself from potentially life-threatening situations. He is especially influenced by circumstances in which his heart rate increases, such as violence. It is a fact that Caedes is very compulsive, egged on by urges and easily affected by certain triggers of his trauma.
    • Once he ‘bites down on something’, he’ll be extremely determined not to let go.

  • Caedes has difficulty speaking and expressing himself clearly. Having gone most of his childhood without proper social interaction, his behavior can be very abnormal. He pauses at odd places in his speech, trails off without finishing his sentences; often his responses are singular words or grunts and growls. He has no sense of tradition or manners, this grants him a notable savagery and lack of poise.
    • Often, he shows no interest or concern for those who are not Loki. Completely ignoring the questions or actions of others in favor of pondering some obscure notion. He can, and will, treat you as though you do not exist. Not out of arrogance- but he just doesn’t care.

  • Caedes does not look like a friendly brute. His impression is one that can be simply put as ‘evil’. Menacing in presence and visually, he is a threat that is not to be taken lightly no matter how impassive he seems. His mind is not a pretty place, his past having made sure of that. Cruel comments leave his maw easily, and he has no qualms resorting to brutality.
    • He will not go out of his way to be a villain, but he is NOT a good guy.

  • Abused, tormented, conditioned, molested, persecuted, punished. Caedes knows misery as though it were a flesh and blood lover. He knows her every cutting word, the burn of her claws and teeth tearing into his flesh, her rusty scent, and her unwanted advances. From the time he was born until he was a year old he knew nothing but misery, and it damaged him. His soul has been mutilated, disfigured. Great suffering warped not only his body but also his mind, and while his time with Loki has healed some of that- he will always have the scars.
    • His traumas have an influence on him, making him very unstable and prone to the odd breakdown/episode.


Abusers: those with the Praedātiō surname.

Keeper: Loki


Unloved at birth, it was a miracle that he survived his first few months of life at all. As a child, he was kept locked away by his own blood relatives, abused and tormented for merely being alive. It was a horrid thing, for a child to wish for death. Yet he did so anyway. He could not understand why his suffering was prolonged, with meals of scraps that would be rotten or poisoned. Yes, he knows very well what it is to be hated. To be unreasonably blamed for his own misfortune. He would cry out to his torturers, for what had he done? He pleaded, he begged for an explanation as to why they hurt him. Why was this happening, when he felt it to be wrong and yet... knew nothing else? Perhaps everyone lived this way. It would become known to him just why he was so despised, at last, it would be clear to him how wrong it all was.

His father was a cruel man, who was not of sound mind; but his followers took his word as law. The Great Akuji, an utterly powerful man who ruled his people with an iron fist. So if Akuji said Caedes was a monster or a demon... then it was true to the lot of them, those immoral mercenaries who made up the bulk of Akuji's Guild. So Caedes lived his life in the darkness, festering away with his terrified psyche, fearing the very sound of approaching steps. However, that was not enough for Akuji. No... he would on occasion bring the boy outside, forcing him to partake in 'training'. Akuji was an unkind teacher, using any opportunity to injure his son without remorse. He did not value Caedes and scorned the boy as though he truly saw only a monster instead of a child. For the first year of his life, Caedes was a scapegoat, a punching bag stripped time and time again of his self-worth. Everything was his fault, every fraction of pain he felt was because of who he was, and that conditioning was engraved into his skull an impossible amount of times.

Until one day, he broke free. It was a feat he never thought possible, but the resentment of his father had grown too much. The instability that had grown under isolation and torture, the totally impulsive fit of violence and desperation... Caedes had lashed out for the first time in his life. He had never felt more in control in his life, and it was that very moment he knew. Akuji had been wrong to keep such a 'demon' so close, he'd been wrong to instill darkness into the bane of his existence. Caedes had always been called a demon or a monster, it was how Akuji justified his treatment of the boy. But he'd sown a seed that grew into a weed. Caedes diverged from his desperate path, he turned away from mere escape. He made a choice, something he'd never had the privilege of making before. Caedes sought out his father, and the two would clash until Akuji quickly overpowered him... for a moment Caedes thought he would die. Finally. But what if they made him go back to that dark pit they kept him in, and so badly he refused that fate… He wanted to live. He wanted revenge. He broke away from his father’s grip. It was violent, it was quick. Caedes had ripped away the throat of his one true enemy, his captor, and abuser; his own father would curse him through the gaping wound in his throat. This was the day Caedes understood a simple, yet twisted fact of life. It was the weak who were killed, it was they who were the victims of the strong. For so long had he been the victim, he would do anything to never go back to being one. He wanted to be strong. It was all his hysteria and shock could focus on. It became a mantra and a chant within him as he finally ran away from all that had ever tormented him.

But his wounds were too much, he collapsed and lay dying for so long… until a young girl came with her herbs and poisons. Experimenting on him, talking to herself; and it was all he could do to listen to her speak. To hang onto something other than the pain he wasn’t sure he could feel anymore. That girl, Loki, then began to heal him. Months passed, and he still remains a couple paces behind her.

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