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Ever since she was born, Isara had always been smaller and slender in stature and build. Her bone structure is finer than most other wolves, and her muscling accentuates her feminine figure. Once full grown and properly fed, Isara will stand at about twenty-six inches tall and weigh a mere forty-six pounds. Her fur is soft and silky in texture and dirt seems to usually fall right out of her coat. The colors of her fur varies from strang to strand, but she is overall described with tan, brown, black, and white fur. Set within her skull, Isara has two different eyes. One eye, her left, is teal in color while her right is three-quarters silver and one-quarter teal towards the bottom inner part of her eye. Isara’s scent lightly dances upon the air surrounding her in a mix of earthy blends of sweet red berries with woodsy undertones of oakmoss, rose, and jasmine with hints of lilac.


  • Cautious/Shy - Being in not only a new world, but in a world that she knows nothing about, Isara is cautious about most things - especially other wolves. She is not accustomed to wolves who are nice and since she has yet to learn the common tongue it makes forming bonds or understanding others even that much more difficult.
  • Curious - Also because she doesn’t know this world, Isara is also extremely curious about everything. She will constantly ponder and wonder what plant life or land formations or fauna are. Her desire to learn everything she can is a voracious appetite that will more than likely continue on well into her adulthood.
  • Loyal - Once Isara has formed a bond with someone or even is taken in by a pack she will more than likely remain loyal till her death. This is largely due to her lack of knowledge about society and even what her options are. As soon as she feels like her life is actually better than what it had been before she probably won’t voluntarily leave.
  • Sorrowful - Isara’s life as short as it has been - has been a tragic one. She mourns her mother’s death while also feeling responsible for her mother’s death. She has faint memories of her brothers but since she didn’t really know them she doesn’t really mourn them. She does, however, know that she belonged to a different pack than the one she ran from. She doesn’t, however, know that she was a princess to said pack.
  • Naive - Due to Isara’s lack of knowledge about the world beyond the cave she grew up in she knows nothing about the world or it’s society. Someone could tell her that grass is called clouds and she’d probably believe them. Granted this trait will disappear as she learns more and more.
  • Quiet - Since Isara was a slave, she learned that the less noise you make the fewer punishments or severe treatment you received. Because of this, Isara seems to keep to herself - only responding if asked or forced to or if something really catches her interest. Otherwise, she tends to keep to herself entirely and keeping her thoughts and questions to herself.

Personality due to change and morph as she grows and interacts with others in Cyrileth.


Birth Mother - deceased
Birth Father - deceased
Blood Brothers - deceased x2

Guardian - Ursa


They say that for every happy ending there is an equal and opposite tragic beginning and this couldn’t be any more true in regards to the beginning of Isara’s life.

First, let’s backtrack to how exactly she even came to be.

In the far off land known as Atherion, there lived a male wolf who was the leader of his pack. Now this male had heard tales about a beautiful female healer wolf in a nearby territory and thus began his search for her for he yearned to see such beauty with his own eyes. It took him many months of arduous labor in order to locate this fabled beauty and once he laid eyes upon her, he had fallen deeply in love with her. However, despite his falling head over heels for this lady, she took some more convincing for many had sought her out merely for her renowned healing abilities. It took a few weeks with many laborious displays of his love before he managed to win her heart and together the two went back to his packland.

Not long after settling into her new home, the healer found herself pregnant with her lover’s children. Unfortunately, this was also when the couple learned of another more ill-intentioned pack planning to come and take the beautiful healer for themselves by force. The two had hoped that they would be able to negotiate with this other pack and reason with them, but their pleas and reasoning would fall upon deaf ears.

Shortly after learning about this other pack, the healer gave birth to three healthy pups. Two were males and were very strong for being just born. The third pup was the only girl, Isara, and though she was definitely not as strong as her littermates for she was the runt, she did hold a certain type of beauty since she took after her mother the most. The day of their birth was a moment of much-needed tranquility for their little family, but that sense of tranquility was short lived for not even two weeks later the opposing pack launched their attack on Isara’s home.

During this attack, nearly everybody was killed. The enemy pack killed without mercy. Males, females, pups - they killed all that they found while searching for Isara’s mother. Eventually, the enemy pack leader found his way to the den in which Isara, her two brothers, and their mother resided guarded by their father. A battle ensued between Isara’s father and the enemy pack leader until eventually her father was killed. Defenseless, Isara’s mother was forced into slavery by the enemy leader. When he noticed Isara and her brothers, however, he killed her brothers but decided to keep Isara as another slave to bear him future offspring.

Months went by as Isara and her mother was forced to live within a system of caves - caves that kept them away from the rest of the pack that they were now a part of. Caves that they weren’t allowed to leave. Other slaves of the leader also resided within this system of caves and Isara quickly learned that if one was to step even a toe outside that they would face harsh punishments. Punishments that were even worse than their typical treatment. Because of this, Isara grew to fear the thought of ever stepping foot outside. Isara’s mother, however, did not.

Constantly, Isara’s mother would try to escape with Isara in tow. But every time she would be caught by the guards until one day the guards seemed to disappear. Some of the other slaves whispered of how some other pack was launching an attack on their enslavers. Because of the attack upon the pack, the guards were taken away from their guarding duties in order to protect the pack. This provided Isara’s mother the chance that she had always wanted.

The chance to escape.

Barking commands to Isara, her mother and her worked on their escape, but once they reached the exit Isara hesitated. Her mother - desperate to put as much distance between them and the pack - yelled and begged for Isara to run as fast as she could. It took a little while before Isara managed to work up the courage to leave the only life she knew within the caves and chose to follow her mother.

But Isara’s hesitation would come back to haunt her.

Not long after the two had fled the caves, Isara’s mother sensed the approach of two guards. Worried for her little Isara, she had Isara hide with the order to stay until she came back for her once it was safe. That would never happen though, for, after some time of being alone, her mother did return...but she returned with the guards. The guards had captured her mother and so Isara remained hidden mostly out of fear. When her mother realized that she was back to where Isara was, she fought the guards until eventually, the guards killed her right there in front of Isara. In shock, Isara remained silent while her mother’s blood spilled onto the ground in front of her and filled the air with her mother’s scent. For many hours, Isara remained where she was until it was dark. It was then that she found herself crawling quietly to her mother’s side. Lovingly, Isara nestled herself against her mother’s cold dead corpse until eventually instinct took over.

Covered in blood and with stains from tears upon her face, Isara unknowingly ran into the Cyrileth. She did not know where she was going. She didn’t even know of anything about this world outside of the caves she grew up in. She was a lost little pup in a vast world that she knew nothing about and would soon find herself amongst others who didn’t even speak the same language. A princess of a fallen pack - the last of her homeland - Isara had unknowingly begun her own story in which nobody would know of how it would unfold.

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