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SIZE; 36”
WEIGHT; 160lbs
BUILD; burly; heavily muscled
VOICE; jeffrey dean morgan
GAIT; prowl
SCENT; iodoform; strong and bitter

SCARS; missing eye (r), scar connecting from his lip halfway to his ear ( l ), scalped head (r), thick scar along his collar and scars along the bridge of his muzzle.
DISABILITY; damaged nerve endings, he can no longer feel pain, pressure, touch, heat or cold. (from the disease raid)

† THE BEAST; he holds himself like he is king. As if everyone is below him, his head held high, his body heavily muscled and burly. His fur thick and long as he appears to be thicker than he already is. Often balanced as his legs are under him always, his lonesome crimson eye never leaves off everything that moves.

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Ruthless - Sadistic - Discourteous - Truculent - Blunt - Manipulative - Deranged - Depraved

† EVIL; has lurked on this planet for generations, and yet others can't get use to the fact that there still evil in many of them. Twisting and turning in them, changing their way of life. Many evil is only just a part of them, a simple taste to fill. Barely changing them due to the fact that it has already taken over what they already were. No sympathy for others, having no empathy for others. A serial killer in the making is evil already, the planet is dying and they are suppose to just let it. Evil is like a sharp blade cutting into the sweet unfortunate kindness that fills the earth in a swift motion. One moment it's together, and in the other it's torn apart.

Kassian is an evil soul that lurks the lands with pride, the manipulative male plays the part of a gentle being to lure in your unfortunate souls. A smooth serial killer, no longer playing as aggressive as he use to be. The intelligent beast preys among those who are weaker, younger, and a hell of a lot more gullible. Kassian who looks like the devil himself, but he thrives off the fear of those who think he will treat them with kindness. But his words are defiantly a stab to the back as the manipulative bastard could care less about the being he looks at. He's starving and ready to feast.

The beast holds no remorse for the creatures that live around him, his heart holds no feeling as it only beats for himself. His soul is dark and wicked, as a crooked grin spreads across his face to feed off those who are weak, young, and hopeful. When it comes to talking, Kassian is quick-witted. Able to think and respond quickly and effectively, he is very intelligent and has to ability to understand everything. When he want's he will avoid all social interaction for a long period of time, when he doesn't want to create havoc that is. Kassian has a tendency to love to harm others, and create chaos or stir up a fight whether it's with words or an actual physical fight. Nothing is better than having someone else's blood on him, or sinking into the soil around them. He is also a massive shit talker, he won't have an issue with belittling you, talking down upon you, or attempting to stir up a fight. Everything to him is just a giant game, and will lead to the exact same ending.

Kassian mentally is a reserved male, better on his own and rather separated from others. He has a lot of deep psychological issues, he is at loss when it comes to figuring himself out. Like the king of the chessboard, so inept and easily beaten. As well he is all eyes and ears, He is an observer figuring out what he's getting himself into. As up most important, Kassian is not afraid to jump boundaries. He is not easily scared, nor has he ever been scared of another wolf. He will most likely enjoy throwing words and threatening another. It's all just fun and games to him, that smirk never leaves his face when it begins. The louder they raise their voice, the bigger the smirk gets, forming into a twisted grin. He wants other's to fear him, it just makes him more bigger and better.

Kassian knows how to break a body down. He is on a different level of moral insanity, taking pleasure in the pain he inflicts with his own teeth.

SEXUALITY: bisexual

Kassian suffers from ptsd and antisocial pd [ note: some symptoms of the disorders may not show. ]


† sister; Nastasya Vasiliev


† Born in the Gêld region, Kassian grew up with only one sibling, Nastasya. Was taught well and learned good values of the world from his two divine parents, Apostol and Areum. Shockingly Kassian was a kind boy, treated his sister kindly, looked up his parents and had expectations for traveling new areas. But traveling became a strong dislike when his mother got onto him for going to far, he always guessed she had her reasons to snap and get onto him. But Kassian was adventurous and travel distances and return home only to ramble on what he saw to his sister. Just like siblings, Kassian picked on his sister- but made sure she always knew he was joking. Kassian was fond of his family, and always waited for his father to return. Something ached in his stomach when his father didn't return for more then three days, then Kassian went and wandered. But didn't expect to find his dead father lying along the forest floor shredded. Murdered.

Later that night, Kassian didn't tell his sister what he found. He was silent, almost too silent. Lying in the den where his sister was behind him, curled up hidden. His mother was lying there next to them, her eyes peeking outside and widen when movement was to loud. She for a fact thought it was her mate, Kassian knew for a fact it wasn't. The scent swept quickly, there was multiple not just one. Then panic filled them, almost instantly. His mother crawled out of the den and her growl was deep and demanding. But she was outnumbered, there was to many. Kassian's eyes watched his mother and his ears pinned backwards when he watched his mother get slammed down. His body clashed with the ground, her eyes met with Kassian's. Until one brute teeth sunk into his mother's neck and his eyes demanded to look somewhere else. His upper body turned away toward his sister, driven to keep her safe. But little did he know, one event could change his whole view of the world and change him entirely. He felt a sharp pain in his thigh, his two blood shot eyes widen toward his sister. He yelped, as he was dragged out by a brown coated male who had a crooked grin spread across his face. As his bright golden eyes pierced through him, almost lighting his brown fur around his face.

Kassian turned his head toward his mother, he watched her bleed from his throat as her head hung backwards, the beast tugged at her throat and she didn't move- she didn't even blink. Kassian's vision became blurry due to his tears as he begged to the male to let go of him as he clawed for his mother. Then the male who hovered over him, lunged forward sinking his tooth into Kassian's right eye. He screamed, it dried out his throat as he couldn't get any louder. He was tempting to get away as he cried desperately. He was shoved away, as his eyeball came torn out of it's socket. The boy lied there, as the beasts slowly walked away. His breathing light, his head throbbing as he couldn't see past the blood that ran down his raven coated fur.

It wouldn't be until only a year later, where his life was a mix of hell and troubled thoughts. Kassian's mind the only thing ruining him, as hallucinations and anger dragged him down and separating him from his sister. Kassian left her, knowing her divine soul would let the horror of the world murder her. The beast had killed those who murdered his family, a pack that thought they were better than others. Spat in his face and almost put him six feet under. He wouldn't allow it until their throats were between his teeth and screams and remarks were being heard. Blood spilled, soaking into the earth, coating the beasts tongue. Twisting the males mind, as he ended up becoming deranged. As if post traumatic stress played a toll but for the worse.

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