[ P ] Wordless

A Deafening Silence

Words wished to well within him, to drown him til no air could get out. Yet, even though he struggled to breathe without a feverish pant, not a thing was spoken. For, to speak, one had to think. To think, one's thoughts needed to be composed of sentences, and those sentences composed of words, and those words composed of syllables and—and all he had was white noise. It skittered within his ears and filled his skull with cotton. Beyond a gut-wrenching sense of foreboding and anger and intensity, Elias was lost. The emotion within him was alien as though it belonged to another. So raw were the feelings that he shivered, attempting to shake the bitter cloak from his shoulders.

The fabric had stitched itself to his skin, however. A needle and thread had dredged up the old memories of a child raised within winter, of a boy whose mother had rarely smiled and a father who had barely spoken. Feelings of impassiveness had been a balm to that pup's neglect. After all, he had not needed either of his parents: his uncles and other pack members had made up for what the pair had lacked. And yet—the sight of his father had shaken the stillness from Elias.

The silence, however, still remained. Not by choice but by habit, for the boy had long failed to look inside and sort the messy feelings. There was little to sort, after all, when there was nothing there. Sinclair, however, was a hurricane to shatter the walls and send splinter the floor.

Now there was far too much to handle.

Worldlessly, Elias followed instinct. His paws carried him to comfort for that was what he lacked most. And—when at last he found her among her herbs and berries—he stopped. A moment passed where he lingered, uncertain and confused. Then, with smell steps, he pressed his head against russet fur.

Sinking to his belly, he curled up soundlessly against Nastasya.

"We are all young and naive still."

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