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Adracul - Adalia - Vythicus

Adracul - the oldest and rightful heir, found home in a neutral kingdom after his family was dethroned and hunted, taking a position as a mediator/advisor. his wife died in labor, the pups placed with a nursing mother of stillborns. He disappeared after his children reached a year old. No one is aware of what happened to him after his disappearance, though it's lore amongst them that he achieved some manner of godhood in favor of the moon, fed by rumors that he was seen briefly on clear, full moon nights by the lap of the lake – shrouded in mist and illuminated by the lunar glow, there and gone again before a second glimpse. Chasing the reflections of his dead wife to night's end.
1st litter: Lucent, f-adoptable1, m-adoptable1, m-adoptable2, f-adoptable2
winter born, will turn 6

Adalia - wed to Laurent Belmont; birthed their first litter in the stronghold of their former kingdom before being driven out. They fled to northern Cyrileth and shortly after had their second litter. Adalia was murdered months after by Laurent, he and their midwife/nurse later murdered by Gauthier. Children may hold the Belmont or Deivaleonne name by choice. Children in the second litter may or may not know of their mother's murder, only their father's, or they may deny it for themselves. More than likely the ones who are unaware or deny it will despise Gauthier and be upset that his siblings did not step in to prevent the crimes. Up to Rper/s. Children in the first litter may be upset that their father was not given a trial, or may be content with his death. Any reason may be a good reason to choose their surname. The second litter are considered Natives, and so may know of Cyrileth's traditions.
1st litter: Rourke, Morgana, Gauthier
Winter born, will turn 3
2nd litter: m-adoptable4, f-adoptable4, stillborn
Autumn born, just turned 1

Vythicus - exiled with Destia from their stolen kingdom, their children know nothing of their family beside the name itself. They had fled to Cyrileth before their first litter was born. Their meeting the other Deivaleonnes may happen out of coincidence or curiosity, and their interactions are solely up to rper/s. They can either choose not introduce themselves to their family as deivaleonnes, eventually integrate themselves in the original family, or loathe their cousins after meeting them.
1st litter: f-adoptable5, m-adoptable5
Summer born, will turn 2
2nd litter: stillborn
Winter born, almost a year ago.


Any listed as adoptable# are available for adoption. With Vyth and Adalia's lines, gender does not matter to me. Adracul's bloodlines are the only adoptables that have some preferences with them, as I have established them before and are special to Lucent's history. The other two bloodlines exist to provide a more open approach to those who want to develop them solely as your own! While they have their own plotline that all weave together, it is your choice in how they accept their history and react to the world outside of that. While Adalia's line would be expected to be a little more on the darker spectrum in terms of alignment, plot considered, Vyth's line was pretty estranged from the Deivaleonne way of life and are completely free to customize. The only thing that will stay constant are appearance traits, their desire for having close-knit affairs, and the loyalty to core beliefs & traditions as stated on the Deivaleonne info page. They have complete freedom of the board. Even if a pack starts, it will be up to the RPer if they wish to join, remain a loner, or even stick to another pack. Their adventures are their own. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to ask me in messenger or discord.


Those of Deivaleonne blood typically have a narrow muzzle with square jaws, much like a shepherd breed. They are often tall and long more than they are squat and muscular, more athletic than brawny. Often Medium or Large in size, but most their size is in height/length than pure muscle. Thick "manes" and tails - within reason - their neck fur is soft, thick, lush, tapers off between their shoulders. No curled tails. They are known to have a graceful, languid gait - proud and elegant, despite being regarded as primal savages. Their coloration resembles the deep woods and the mountainside; a variety of greys, silvers/blues, browns, tans, russet (not red), never all white, and very rarely pure white markings. They often have darker faces or coloration around their eyes, darker fur on the neck, spine, and legs. Their eye colors are often shades of orange, gold, or a silvery blue. Sometimes red. Albinos are considered a gift of the moon, but rarity should be highly considered.


Adracul's line - they were raised by a firm but adoring father. Their survivability constantly tested, as their mother died during their birth and he would not raise children that were weak. They were raised by a nursing mother who had lost her children to the biting cold, her life depended on the lives of Adracul's brood. Deeply proud of their ancestry, Adracul's children are dark, sinister, cunning and arrogant. Madalene is the second born adoptable fem. The archer. In the past she was expected to be fiery, deep, sensual, and darkly obsessive. A fighter before a lover. Fiercely close to Lucent, and jealous of any who tread the line. Trystan is the third born adoptable male. The knight. He was expected to be more noble, albeit still sinister, steady, observant, cunning, charming. The gargoyle guard, keeper of his siblings. Marceaux is the fourth born adoptable male. The spy. He was expected to be sly, treacherous, indulgent, and argumentative. He is more patient than overtly irascible, a grinning fox in the sleeping hen house. Rossanne is the fifth born adoptable female. The shaman. She is more slight than her siblings, the runt, and otherworldly. Soft voiced, deeply intellectual, unnervingly eccentric, mischievous, keeper of secrets, girlish giggling. Her brothers have guarded her fiercely in her life, perhaps spoiled her a bit. All names, personality traits, and designs may be tweaked or written over altogether. These are only suggestions from the past. They work as a well orchestrated band, close-knit and secretive.

Adalia's line - raised by a loving mother and strict, mad father. The first litter has survived the extent of abuse and may be darker in alignment as a result. They have also been a mature witness to not only their father's murder, but their mother's as well. Gauthier, the final born of the first litter, had become weary of the abuse and in avenging his mother's death, murdered their father Laurent without any agreement from the first or second litter siblings. The second born may reside on a neutral to evil spectrum of alignment, fairly unaware of the trauma that existed before them and perhaps even ignorant of their mother's murder. They may loathe Gauthier, and even chastise the first borns for their failure to intervene. All personalities and designs are solely a decision of the RPer. Your character may choose their father's surname - Belmont, or stick with their mother's as a Deivaleonne. All would be accepted as family. Adalia's second litter would be true natives of Cyrileth.

Vythicus's line - stole away from their homeland at the start of their numbers being hunted. Vythicus wanted better for his children than the brutal slaughter others had fallen to before them, and to evade the curse on their family. He believed moving them to Cyrileth would provide them a better life and remove them from the curses upon their name. Their first litter was born in the mountainous North of Cyrileth, in the caves between the volcanic territory and the hot springs. Vythicus and Destia were both nurturing, caring parents who raised their children with the Deivaleonne traditions but neglected to relent their bloody history to their timid babes. The loss of their second litter was a shared mourning, and brought up the topic of the curse upon their house. It was avoided, though raised many questions with the children as to the manner of their ancestry. These children may be naive, but ever so curious of their bloodline, having been sheltered in the dark. The spectrum of their alignment would have full reign - whether good, neutral, or evil. They are almost blank slates at the ready.


more will be added, and anyone may create their own design or request variations from me.

Any gothic, witchy, european, even elvish names are preferred but not mandatory. Be reasonable. Does not have to be from here.

Minerva, Lyra, Ravenna, Ilythia, Vasilica, Yseulte, Ivalaine, Demelza, Panthea, Faye, Cressida, Invidia, Damara, Maeve, Eurydice
Lassareaux, Adalricus, Alric, Lothaire, Marvolo, Salvitore, Everard, Deimos, Nereus, Dorian, Lycidas, Abraxas, Bram, Leander, Vasilios, Avram, Faust, Silas, Thane, Lochlan





Eye Color/s:
Fur Color(s): [include any marking/s pls]

Personality: [List the 5 profile words or more]

Roleplay Sample: [preferably as adopt character, may be any setting or situation]

Plot Ideas: [is there something in particular you wish to achieve with this character?]

*I am going to ask that only Mature writers may apply, due to the high probability of there often being mature themes such as language, violence, sensuality, etc. that grandma would not approve of.

***RAUM reserves the right to reclaim this character should the adopter fall inactive or neglect the character. This character may not be taken to other sites without explicit permission. If you bring your own design to the table, that design is exempt and YOURS alone. So if your character is retrieved, your design may not be used again and you are free to do with it as you please.

Please message me on this account or Discord if you have any questions. Anyone who applies I will give a couple days of freedom to be fair in case there may be anyone else who wants the same character, or for you to proofread, if you have any sudden ideas, etc.



Lilith Vergift x Laurent Belmont
bastard born


father ; summer's child

black x brown x cream
design by scarf

chaotic neutral

OBSESSIVE x And I know

Forgive... forget... Concepts that Bram cannot grasp. A studious mind considers them, each one weighed within a pale palm. To know, to comprehend, is not the same as understanding. Each syllable burns recognition into a feverish mind, and yet his heart shuns the very notion of forgive and forget. When spurned, the instance engraves itself against the back of his eyelids. Asleep or awake, he can see every detail, obsess over every insult. He mulls over a toxic brew, savoring the flavor, promising revenge.

MACHIAVELLIAN x You just take it slow

The ends justify the means. In the name of conquest, be it for pleasure, revenge, or power, Bram knows not the art of moderation. Whilst no strategist at the chess board, the boy has an analytical mind primed for efficiency. He sees a straight path whilst others wander upon trails. He dallies in pleasantries when he must, yet Bram acts with a singular goal. Having separated his conscience from his focus, Bram cares not for the corpses that may litter his past. That said: in the eve when he can no longer distract himself, he is plagued by the ghost of a boy, one with a mother who had shown him love and care. In part, should he do anything heinous, he will be plagued with regret. Come the morn, however, he will bury it.

VIOLENT x Fall asleep in the pillows

A chaotic child, one always prone to hurting others... so quick to bite, to snarl, to growl. When threatened, he does not stay his hand. He lashes out, a viper with nightshade's venom, a spider with a red crest. He knows no patience, no temperance. In the garden of eden, he sets the orchard ablaze so that eve may not dine, so that the smoke might suffocate god's precious children.

RIGHTEOUS x She got my heart in a choke hold

Whisper that he is wrong, and the words will echo through his core. His guilt will crawl from within the well and keen, and for a moment, he will be shaken. Then, rage will blacken the cries and quiet them, soothing the heart that has long since broken. Bram will convince himself fervently that he is right until, one morning, he believes it too. He will wash his body in ink such that no single sin can be seen. His maw will open, and righteous slander will ooze from his mouth. He cares not for the truth, only for the success, for the preservation of "self".

DISHONEST x And there she goes

Bram soothes himself to sleep with lies, and so he knows not how to tell the truth. To some extent, he has dissociated from reality. He sees this life as not worth living, yet the visionary within has spurred him to create one that is worthy. He will tell falsehoods, half truths, and fanciful lies to capture the imagination. He will do all within his power to hide behind a veil of dishonesty, for the light would burn him so.

- - - - - - - - - - x history x - - - - - - - - - - -

Lilith ... was a loving mother, demure and tame. Her family held Hian blood, yet over the centuries, the line had become diluted by denizens of Geld and Da'ira. Lilith had been born to a small nuclear family and had, come maturity, ventured off in search of greater purpose. Her bondage to Laurent is a relationship that Bram is ignorant to.

Als ein kind war... ...
Arrogant x Visionary x Possessive x Hyperbolic x Inquisitive

A child that had grown used to the comforts of his mother's company. Was ignorant of his half-siblings for the first few months of life. Enjoyed stories of old Hian tradition. Romanticized the idea of a large family to grow, one that would allow him to take care of his mother forever. Firmly believed that he could truly achieve anything that he so desired, and often giggled thinking up stories and epics to share with his mother.

Upon being spirited away to this new family structure, Bram felt alienated by his elder "siblings" and father. He initially threw tantrums when he was "alone" with Lilith--the new pups having been too young to understand his complaints. With time, he softened to the half-siblings of age with him. He tried to take strength from his mother and earn the affections of his father + elder siblings.

inquisitive --> dishonest : Bram learned that lying to please another's ears was safest.
arrogant --> machiavellian : he would achieve his goal by any means

The murder of his mother left Bram cold and stony. He raged alone and struggled with the corpse, eventually burying his mother after several days of grief and difficulty.

possessive --> obsessive : something he had loved had been taken from him... the wound festered.

He was dependent. He could not live on his own. He needed his "siblings" for food, for security, and for shelter. He despised them all... yet a smile was plastered upon his lips.

hyperbolic --> righteous : Bram feels no shame for lying & manipulating. He devices a grand goal for the future, one painted in deiv blood.

visionary --> violent : still he dreams of a future, yet it is one he can construct with blood and flesh.

- - - - - - - - - - x sample x - - - - - - - - - - -


A wendigo moved through the undergrowth, his passage silent. Moonlight distorted the beast as he walked, his fur a trail of smoke, his eyes little more than an elixir of lavender, of nightshade. A mask of onyx and ocher, a coat of ash and dying ember... A memory of a boy far smaller, one whose smile had yet to be tainted. Above, the crone gazed down upon Cyrileth's child. Her gaze was sharp and shrewd as she considered the boy, one so lost without his father's guidance. He had been birthed by her past self, and she had nurtured him until fate had cast him in iron shackles. He was a wayward soul, one that would not be the last to follow the fool...

A stray wind caused the young man to stop. Ebon' ears perked as he listened to the whispering of the leaves. He heard warnings, lullabies, threats... or was each word a preponderance of the heart?

Violet eyes slowly lifted to the sky. Underneath the boughs of pine and maple, he could witness the merciless heavens above. He could see the crone's light as she bathed him. This was no semblance of a hug, however. He could feel a threatening chill seep into his bones, for what he endeavored was to bathe his paws in blood, to drown himself in sin.

Had he a mother still, perhaps he would have headed her warnings.

Dark lashes veiled a tormented gaze and the man carried on. It was only when he found himself before a pile of stones did he slow. Slowly, as though a marionette, he sank to his haunches.

"Mother," he whispered. Fallen nettles had disturbed her grave, and he brushed them aside. From his lips hung an orchid, one in the throes of decay. It was with reverence that he placed the flower upon her crown, for had she not been buried six feet deep, she would have worn it well.

Silence ensued and a veil covered mother and son.

It was there within the darkness that he felt the uncertainty leech from his bones. Hatred oozed into his veins, so swiftly and strongly that he was nearly nauseated. In the face of chaos, he had nearly lost his resolve. When the seasons lulled, the pain would dull and his hatred of Gauthier would fade whilst cowardice reigned. In such pitiable moments, he would visit that grave he had dug himself. He would recall dragging his mother's bloodied corpse to the site, and he would remember chasing the bugs from her flesh and snarling as he watched the maggots wriggle underneath skin. He would feel the weight of her body as he pushed her in and hear the hollow thump as she sank into eternal rest.

And then he would be reborn, emboldened by hatred that could never be forgotten.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Plot Ideas
+ Develop a visionary-style cult that is misguided into believing they have a greater purpose in expunging the world of evil (murderers, thieves, liars). In reality, however, they would commit atrocious acts of equal or greater likelihood, and eventually it'd just be chaos and apocalyptic downfall.

+ Struggle with identity among Deivs

+ Blinded hatred of Gauthier and all who support him

“I am speaking”

table made by soar
your bastard boy is accepted, Clae. I can't wait to see how things develop with him.

Name: Morgana Lucida Deivaleonne
Parents: Adalia† x Lucent Belmont†

Age: Coming up to 3
Gender: Female

Skills: Intuition, dexterity, tolerance
Constellation: The Crone

Eye Color/s: (L) Scarlet (orange-red), ® Cerulean (silvery-blue)
Fur Color(s):
x Main colours: Black, dark browns, brown, tan
x Markings: Black mask, black - dark brown points, black - dark brown tail, black ears, black - dark brown covered neck - chest - shoulders, brown flecked face, tan flecked back, dark brown sides, brown - tan belly
Size: Large -- 33"
Voice: feminine, has a certain sharp chill to it
Build: tall, slim, lean toned muscles beneath her sleek fur, rounded paws


"a girl with ice water in her veins" - the product of her blood and the evolution of her own determination

"they are mine. they are my blood. mine to protect. mine to use. mine. touch them and surrender your life."

she was just a girl, born to bad blood and bad intentions. darkness lined their veins where blood should have flowed, and right from the start she stood no chance. from girl to women, to devil and dangerous. the woman demands respect and you'd be stupid to not give it

resourceful // determined // loyal // cunning // leader // controlling // passionate // ruthless // makes her own rules // devoted // sharp // confident // limitless // cold // vindictive // snobby // sarcastic // articulate // sneaky // protective // possessive // planner // proud // manipulative // liar

Though Morgana sees very little as innocent, there are the pure ones that she sees as the most innocent of them all - puppies. They have done nothing wrong yet in life, their blood unspoiled and their minds their own. She thinks they are future, and even if they are not of her blood, she believes that they can be made to be better, more than what they may have been without her. To harm a child is a great offense, and Morgana will see to it that the offender is bled dry. They are creatures of endless possibilities, and Morgana wishes to shape and mould them to perfection. In her you can see that she is a mother-hen, though perhaps not as stereotype as one may originally think. Not only with pups, but with her family. Family is important, no matter the deeds or distrust, they are blood and blood means the world. Blood means loyalty, and loyalty is to never yield. They are hers, in every way, and Morgana keeps what is hers beneath her paw and under her care. Morgana gets the loving nature of family from her mother.

She would see to it that the water runs red with the blood of an offender to her family, make no mistake. Morgana will do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of her and her blood, no matter the cost. She'll do whatever necessary to achieve her ends.

Morgana has the ability to trust and care for someone that isn't of her blood, to the point where she may think of you as family. Though that is rare and hard to come by, as the lady rarely believes anyone else to be worthy of her trust and care (barring puppies), so she will happily and easily choose her loved ones above all else. If she was given the choice to leave you or her family behind in a fire, it'd be you. Morgana would do it without guilt, without hesitation. Above all else she protects and chooses her own, regardless of whos neck she has to break in order to do it. Those that are around her must realise that despite if she's polite and easy going with you, it doesn't solidify your safety or place within her life. It takes a lot to do that, one must work for it and prove themselves to her. Without it, you're replaceable. Completely, irrevocably replaceable.

That isn't to say she can't just be casual friends, or rather, acquaintances. She does enjoy company of others that aren't her blood, but they still have to match to a level that she thinks is worthy of her attention. Perhaps it makes her quite snobby, but Morgana doesn't care to muddy herself with those far below her standards. It's time wasting, if they don't truly have anything for her. Very rarely do those that are uneducated or brought up similarly to her and her family have enough in common with her to stimulate an articulate, worthy and lengthy conversation. It's reasons like this that make it difficult for one to court Morgana. Impossibly high standards and the knowledge that they'd have to be approved by the family tend to make the weak ones back away. In truth, it doesn't matter to her all that much, not yet, anyway.

Morgana encourages manners and etiquette, and is quick to correct someones rude or disrespectful behavior when she thinks it is deserved. Even if you aren't of her blood, Morgana still believes in manners. Though should you give her a reason to discourage polite behavior, you'll know it. Morgana isn't brutish, no, she still remains regally spoken as she sharply rips you limb from limb with her words. It's probably one of her most frustrating habits, that you'll never hear her raise her voice. She doesn't believe in loud being better, or loud being more imposing. Morgana has become skilled in sharp and quiet lessons of the voice, learning that sometimes quiet and well spoken is even worse than loud and abrasive.

She is not one to forgive and forget, no, Morgana is known to hold her grudges for as long as she thinks it fit. Once you've wronged her, or her family, you are like a deer in open season. Free for the taking, the prey to her predator even if you share her species. She seeks revenge like a bee seeks a flower, and though it may not come right away, Morgana will not forget to cause you some suffering for your slights. Her favourite kind of revenge is power-play, if you have a loved one and Morgana is concocting a revenge plan, it will not be you at the center. She'll cause pain to the ones you love, perhaps even make you watch, because she knows what it is like to love. Love is a weakness, she knows that much, and more often than not if love is pure, one would sooner themselves be in pain and suffer than their loved ones. Morgana exploits that where possible, fully loving the torture.

Though it's easy to see that beneath her properly spoken words and regal demeanor, Morgana is witty and playful. Though it may not be so obvious or overly kind, there are times where she does like to banter and play around. More obviously it is seen with her family, where she'll sometimes, if properly enticed, will rough-house with them. Morgana likes to bond with them, despite any arguments or mishaps, and will tend to shirk her lady-like exterior in favour of just... being. Being with her family. Where responsibility doesn't feel heavy on her shoulders as the oldest daughter of her siblings, she's free to just exist.

Morgana was not ignorant to the abuse her gentle (yet fierce) mother labored through at the paws of their father, she doesn't believe in abuse of a loved one - the nip to her siblings cheeks or ears when they're being naughty doesn't count - and especially not one of Deivaleonne blood. Had Gauthier not rid the world of Laurent, it's likely that Morgana would have found a way to get rid of him herself. She believed he was tainting her line, with his blatant disrespect towards Adalia. That would not do, not at all, though somewhere it also came down to the love she held for her mother that she felt this way, too. If there's one thing that is sure to get Morgana riled up, it is doing things on your own accord that affect the family, without talking it through with the elder siblings. Morgana hates to be left out of the loop, and in some way resents Gauthier for taking action alone and without discussing it with the rest of his litter.

There is not a lot of things that Morgana is above doing, but there is just one - Morgana will not have her body used to serve a purpose. Those that are allowed to touch her are those that meet her standards, not one to further her agenda. That isn't to say that she wouldn't do any flirtation or teasing touches to entice and trick, but that would be the extent of it. No entrance, none - that is reserved purely for her own enjoyment. Morgana knows of her beauty, her dark, dangerous beauty that can have it's own pull and enchantment. So it does serve her well to use it when she can, but she's got more dignity and respect for herself than selling her body outright. It's a privilege, not a tool. (Not completely.)

Due to her planning nature, Morgana tends to map out multiple outcomes of things before they can happen. So that she's prepared every way, and if she isn't, she's skilled in acting as if she is prepared. She's a good actress, rarely letting on that she may be nervous or worried, or surprised by another. It is dangerous for others to know what her true emotions are, so she learned long ago to keep them where no one can see them. Charming when she wants to be and has the ability to draw the conversation to where she wants it to, Morgana is a dangerous foe.

Sometimes, she is too dark, too thoughtful, too high and mighty, proud and loyal for her own good. She doesn't let others get close, and when they are - they don't have much of a chance to get away if she's got her mind on it. Very little is good about this lady, she's darkness personified, only in a pretty package. But when she loves, she loves fiercely, darkly, possessively, and forever. Her driving quality is keep her bloodline safe, which drives her through a lot of dangerous and toxic situations. She is nothing but determined and stubborn, and when she wishes to, she'll see her actions all the way to the end. If she were to die before she could, you can bet that she'll have died angry and anguished, fully expecting to curse the living in the afterlife.

Roleplay Sample:

Revenge and avenging came close together, at least in Morgana's mind for what was to come. Or what should have come. The woman had meant to bring the idea to her brothers in a few days, the consequence's of Laurent's actions for murdering their mother had meant to be fair and just to their collective thoughts - only Gauthier had not seen it that important. He acted alone, without bringing Rourke or herself into it, and Morgana was furious. Her brother had denied her and their brother the option to be involved with avenging their mothers murder, and he had betrayed the trust of the family by going against what they had always cherished. Tight-knit. Together. Family. It was an insult and a slight, though perhaps he had not meant it that way, it did not matter. He had done it alone, and now, he would remain alone until she decided otherwise.

As she stormed through the forest, her blazing eyes were a wildfire all their own. It was not often that the cool, calculative lady would be seen as a brainless, reckless bear, but she could not help but stomp and storm across the earthy-terrain. She felt like a mindless fool, but she could not help it. Gauthier had riled her without even knowing it, when he had murdered Laurent and his pups mother. Justice was meant to be had as a family, and she had had ideas on just how to enact it. Certainly, it wouldn't have been quick and painless. More so torture and prolonged, but in the end, they'd have met their timely demise. It would have been calculated and drawn, cruel and cold, they'd have been their playthings to keep alive for as long as they wanted to torture them. Days, weeks, months - the possibilities had been endless, once upon a time. Now, they had ended, shortly and swiftly by her brother.

Honestly, the boy had no manners. Of that she was certain. Her grudge felt heavy on her shoulders as she tore through the treeline, dark rounded paws pressing against the earth with purpose. In a moment, her mind was drawn to the pups that the dead duo had left behind, and one in particular flashed through her vision. Violet eyes on an all too young face, it had caused only a minor flash of pity in her heart. The boy was too young to really understand, though she was not an incredible amount older than him, she was older enough to understand the reality of it all. She knew what it was like to have a mother murdered, but... it did not matter, not in the end. Morgana's litter was first, came first, the original litter sired by the monstrous abuser that lay dead, rotting, at the paws of his own son. Bram should not have been born, not really, Laurent should have remained faithful to Adalia - but there was a lot of things that Laurent should have done.

Like not abuse his mate, the mother of his trueborns.

Lilith was collateral damage, and in truth, Morgana wasn't too sure if the other woman knew of Laurent's actions towards Adalia. If she did, then, well, she deserved the death. If she didn't, then only a small prayer would be spoken for her. She was not sorry that the reminder of her fathers actions and lack of guilt or remorse was dead, she was only minutely sorry that Bram would grow without his mother. Morgana would do her best to bring him close, to influence him, to help him grow. She was certain that Gauthier - when she decided she would speak to him again - would not oppose to her decision, even if he was going to keep the boy at arms length. Morgana was certain that if Bram knew of his mothers killers true identity, that he wouldn't be too upset over the distance between himself and Gauthier. It only enabled her to put herself in that wedge, to grow upon the boy in hopes that he would not see her as someone at fault - even if she had began to plan out his mother and fathers death.

He did not need to know that. It wasn't important no longer.

The cold, mismatched eyes of Morgana peered across the landscape, her nose flaring as she felt the flutter of fury still bubble through her veins. It was over and done with, in a way, so the only way was forward. For now.

Plot Ideas:

x For a while Morgana will have been extra cold and distrusting of Gauthier, for his actions that he neglected to include her and their brother in. His lone actions causes her to feel a sense of distrust towards him, but ultimately, Morgana still loves her brother. She's just hurt, and she's known to hold a good old grudge. Though she doesn't outwardly call him out on it, she does make snide comments at him regarding his lone-wolf actions that completely go against what she believes they are meant to do, as a family, as a unit. Morgana will still fuss over him in her own way, but if his nip to the cheek or ear is harder than usual, well, count that as constant consequences.

x I have an idea that whilst she isn't the firstborn of her litter, she's still the oldest daughter, so I kind of see her as the family "matriarch". Who her direct siblings (most likely the younger ones) can go to, trust, and rely on in their time of need. Protector, the nurturer, the "mother". Whilst she isn't an angel and doesn't show "motherly" things in the "ordinary" way, they can know that they can feel safe around her. Even if she does whoop their booties when they been brats. Equally their protector and discipline giver. (This only applies to her siblings, full and half.)

x Those that have no blood to the Deivaleonne line whatsoever, but have blood of the Belmont's are regarded carefully and critically. All apart from her bastard brother Bram. She believes that since he did not ask to be born to Laurent, or born at all, he is not to be held responsible for his blood. Morgana believes that he could have been born one of them, in a different life. She will do her best to encourage him into the family, despite the lack of Deivaleonne blood, because still, she sees him as one of hers. She doesn't leave "one of hers" behind. Though she is not sorry for Gauthier's death, nor Lilith's, she does see the mother as being collateral damage and understands Bram's feelings towards the matter. However she will strongly keep trying to sway him from his hatred, and try to sway him to her. His birth status means nothing, not to her. He is a victim of circumstance.

-- may insert some more here --
As long as it's corrected when transferred to a profile where it lists her parents (Lucent replaced by Laurent) I enjoy the character and accept.

Name: Rourke Deivaleonne
Parents: Adalia x Laurent

Age: 3
Gender: Male

Skills: Tolerance, Intuition, Strength
Constellation: The Father

Eye Color/s: Gray-Blue
Fur Color(s): Dark tan, black, cream. Dominantly tan body with a black face, neck, spine, and undercarriage. Dashing of cream across his shoulders and tail.
Size: 35" | 140lbs

Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Callous | Reliable | Intimidating | Ambitious | Loyal | Claustrophobic | Gentle | Cynical | Distant | Spontaneous | Courageous | Leaderlike

Roleplay Sample:
In the coming of darkness stood a man brave enough to challenge it.

He remained steadfast, silent, even as the sun's molten rays twisted and clattered upon the trees that provided a home. His expression was chiseled of stone, unmoving, eyes sharp against the contrasting ebony of his face. But although it seemed as though he were more statue than man, he was definitely alive — always there, watching, waiting, harboring his chance for the perfect moment to strike.

Hours seemed to pass before movement finally broke the stillness of the landscape. By this time, the sun had fallen below the distant horizon, casting its final dying light across the world in a fantastic display of grace. It illuminated the forest in brilliance, outlining the trunks and dancing along the leaves in glittery gold. But Rourke could not appreciate the beauty his home gave him — he had a duty, a service, a task that needed to be accomplished. And as he waited, it was clear that what approached him was what he'd been waiting for all evening.

Through the rustling of leaves came a man, his coat one of timber mud and off-white frosting. Although he was a bit lacking in height and in age, Rourke knew he'd seen this man — this boy — before. To underestimate him would be foolish — and so he wouldn't. But that wouldn't hinder the path to his goals. No, he would not be afraid. The steely blue of Rourke's gaze met striking violet without hesitation, bringing with it a message that need not be spoken.

"Bram," he said, his voice flat and informative rather than any kind of warm welcoming. It was then that his eyes broke away, only to settle upon the darkening form of his beloved sister. "Morgana," came the voice again, although there rested the slight twinge of betrayal. To see her there, poised beside the man that had no way, no purpose, no right, broke his heart. Why did she continue to encourage and protect him, when all along he'd been better off dead?

"So," he began, his head inclining as he turned his sights back to his bastardized sibling. The thought still bothered him — disgusted him to think that he shared unfavorable blood with such an unfavorable individual. "I assume you've come to join us, yes? Waltz right on into the heart of Deivaleonne, become one with the family, live your days serving its better good?" He waited for a moment, his expression curling with distaste. Of course he had. But, as always, Bram had been completely, utterly, and irreversibly wrong.

He didn't need an answer. He already had his own solution.

With little more than a flick of muscle, Rourke lunged for the throat of his little brother.

Plot Ideas:
• Adalia would have meant a lot to him in his youth. He would have seen her position within the family but felt helpless to help her out of it. Now that she's gone, he regrets having stood by and feels guilty for not stopping her death. He promised himself he would never hold back again.

• Will hold some resentment towards Gauthier for not involving him nor Morgana in the decision to kill their father. Although he would have come to the same conclusion, he's upset that they weren't involved and even more bothered by the fact that he hadn't the chance to do it himself. In a way, it would've been a way for him to redeem himself and correct his wrongdoings — Gauthier took that opportunity from him.

• Bram will not be considered family. He has no true Deivaleonne blood; the closest he's got is Laurent, and Laurent never deserved to be part of the family either. Although Rourke will probably never openly attack Bram or his position, his opinions will be made plenty clear.

• Morgana will hold most of Rourke's respect and familial loyalty. Even if their views on the bastard son differ, they unite under the same opinion of Gauthier. Rourke will often look up to Morgana and kind of.. expect her to teach him how to love, if that makes sense. If she wants.

• If no one beats me to it, I'd love to start a pack for them! Drama will of course happen if Bram decides he wants to join, as Rourke will deny him access/deem him unfit for the family, but maybe Morgana can help.
Yesss. Accepted.

trystan deivaleonne
i couldn't help myself aka blame scarf

" though i would not step for d e a t h,
he kindly stopped for me. "

( adracul x lechone )

age: v years, soon to be vi
skills: dexterity, intuition, accuracy
constellation: the eldritch tree
eye color: gray
fur color: [include any marking/s pls]
size: large // 36" and 130 lbs
alignment: lawful neutral

Personality: calculating, meticulous, somber, self-righteous, borderline narcissistic, withdrawn, devout, manipulative, deadly, & some might even argue as to violent.

Roleplay Sample:

o' hades ― who was ever so unwise as to loose you from your cage? cerberus thrust from the pungent jowls of hell. he is a titan. druxy flesh, and iron bones, and black blood. vilely stitched together in a womb amid kraken. all of them mud-made & dank born. a pack whelped from fire. altogether independently reprehensible ; altogether vile. children borne of a blood moon. summer scorned. winter wed. and on occasion they drift, souls drawn to their independent vices. yet they are tethered none the less. loyalty as much a part of him as sinew and wine. the nurturing ichor that runs 'twine wet lungs and avaricious heart. it is this incessant, sticky sibling bond that drags him here. hades come to sniff at the heels of brothers and sisters dear. jowls slavering over the concept of reunion. or mayhaps that's the residual essence of a recent kill. one hare caught betwixt briars. it's pungent stench of life still heavy upon his tongue where it rots, and wafts, and encourages a new round of hunger. forever unslaked. unsatisfied. ( do you have a pound of flesh for me ?! )

- a pause.

lithe and supple limbs coming to rest in their gait. pregnant silence. stagnation. his snout lifting to the air as he drags from it's belly any perfume or musk that might sit on the breeze. lips curl from fangs. cologne perforates the senses but it's nothing he knows. what a shame. dissatisfied, he lets his skull drop. crown askew - metaphorical of course ( a KING in his own mind ) deftly, he shifts his weight in a tangible display of uncertainty. north? west? south? who's to say. tongue unfolding from cuspid lined confines to drag the bloodied edges of his mouth. the hot, moist aftermath of his success long cold and dry. he chooses a direction. it will do, if just for now. who's to say, exactly, how long it is he drifts. a bleak silhouette cast sharp against a burnished sky. death loitering in his comfortable loneliness. until, inevitably, another. a stranger. nymph? dryad? - perhaps dog.

"and here I thought myself alone," a crude and almost mocking jeer; "how unfortunate for you that i have found your company." ribbon curls from smile. from sneer. "pray tell, where am I?"

Plot Ideas:

literally anything & everything, I'm partial to anything with a little angst and a flare of the diabolical and I would absolutely looove to delve into the sibling relationship(s) that he has

I think that might be it! I'm more than happy to expand on anything though (I'm a little rusty so sorry if that shows!)
You are perfectly fine, and absolutely accepted! <3 Everything fits!