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[ P ] While the Moon is Still Out


gender: Female

age: 4

posts: 43

The hot springs had certainty worked their magic. The woman retreated from her last encounter feeling better than when she had arrived by the poolside. The gash on the bottom of her paw was still fresh though, and after a handful of steps, she had reacquired a significant limp. Shaking her head, the woman laughed at her luck. It seemed she couldn’t venture into a new territory without almost drowning, or catching on fire, or apparently slicing her paw pad open. Some celestial being had to be laughing with her.

Retreating through the wafting steam, a strange noise caught her attention. Drawing her back to another hot spring, she watched curiously as mysterious animals played in its water. They were unlike anything she had ever seen before and were quite funny looking. They paid little attention to her as they continued their own antics. It was quite amusing. They interacted with each other so different than the members of her own species. Sitting, she found herself getting lost in thought watching the small family.

After some time, the animals climbed out of the pool. It was bathed in moonlight, and the woman realized she had spent most of the day in these strange parts. Sinai felt her eyes widen as they rose from four feet onto two. Cocking her head, she was quite perplexed. Shifting her own weight onto her hindquarters, she felt uncomfortable even with her paws only a few inches off the ground stationary. Amazed, she watched their forms fade into the distance. Standing and retreating on her own four feet, she tried to play with her weight distribution, but she couldn’t seem to find any way to take weight off two feet. Laughing, the woman found herself wondering what other treasures the steam had hidden in its depths.

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