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Triss' ghostly gaze was wild and alive. Full of electric hope and mirth. Yet when she looked upon Phaedra she saw nothing but speculation. Most usually would throw their lot in by now, unless some alterior motive held them back...

What is it called?" Though she still had interest? Good. Triss had not entirely lost just yet. "Call ourselves The Outlaws. Plain 'n simple." Triss did not have the need, nor the capacity to come up with a fancy name or title... They were what they were; a family, a band of miss-fits in a civilized world.

"Do you live here?" The emphasis on the word here could have meant a number of things. "'Nah, the camp's A 'lil 'gem of a place called the Alpine Lake, just up North. In the mountains... we jus' plan to move here sometime soon." She did not know what the region was called, she had yet to learn more of Cyrileth.

The girl took in a breath I guess so A small hum of amusement rumbled through her chest. "Why is this a bad place?" Brows rose in surprise, it seemed that Miss Phaedra was entirely new to this land then? "They say this is a home for thieves."glint of a smile turned wicked. "They 'aint half wrong. But I imagine there's far worse monsters lurkin in these woods." It was funny to think her Outlaws were not the worst of them. At least they had some form of code.

Silence hung between them as Triss' gaze narrowed upon the fairer girl.
"What are 'ya lookin for, Miss Phaedra?" Head tilted to the side, inquisitive and curious at best.

"this is a wild game of survival"
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"This is a wild game of survival."

There was only one word to accurately describe Triss: kinetic. Her eyes were full of electrical sparks, her body seemed primed and charged for movement. Phaedra could not help but be awed by her. She had not met someone with so much life the whole time she had been in Cyrileth. "call ourselves the outlaws. plain 'n simple." The outlaws... Well, that would fit, with what little she knew of Triss. It seemed the woman did not want to be tied down. Phaedra, however, yearned to be tied down again. She missed the stability of her home, the general predictability of her daily life. Living out on her own did not suit her, but time and circumstance had encouraged her to be cautious before jumping into another pack. She did not want to be hurt again.

"'nah, the camp's a 'lil 'gem of a place called the alpine lake, just up north. in the mountains... we jus' plan to move here sometime soon." She nodded slowly. She was not sure if she'd seen this lake, but she liked lakes. They reminded her of the ocean from home, especially when they were a deep, cerulean blue. She had yet to find water that looked like that in Cyrileth, though. When she asked the question she wanted the answer to most, she saw an expression of surprise flit over Triss' face. "they say this is a home for thieves. they 'aint half wrong. but i imagine there's far worse monsters lurkin in these woods." Her smile indicated that she might be one of these thieves, and Phaedra would not have been shocked to learn that it was true. The thought of monsters, however, was another story entirely. She did not like the sound of that at all.

"what are 'ya lookin for, miss phaedra?" Phaedra's emerald gaze met Triss', a frown finding her lips. "I...don't know," she answered honestly. She felt like she didn't know much about anything at all. "Friends." The word bubbled up to her lips without conscious thought. She wasn't sure if Triss was a friend; in fact, Phaedra still did not really trust the self-proclaimed thief, perhaps for good reason. But maybe... Someday. Someday she'd find some friends, even if Triss would not be among them. "Thanks for your help," she said, taking a step back. Triss made her feel slightly uncomfortable still, and sh was eager to break the woman's electric gaze. "I'll remember the, um, Outlaws." She offered a small smile, a dip of her head, and then ducked into the trees, feeling a certain itching between her shoulder blades that indicated she was being watched.

-exeunt Phaedra-


Ah, she knew better than to celebrate victories early. They could eagerly come crashing down just as quick as they had risen. There was still a linger of stiffness in Phaedra's stance, still a look of uncertainty in those youthful, wide green eyes. Triss had not won her over as much as she had anticipated, it was a real shame...

"I...don't know," The answer was honest, one she expected. It was clear that within the young girl there was a wild heart. One that yearned to be free, yet she did not have the fire, or the need to live on her own. Triss' gaze softened momentarily. Once, she had felt the exact same way. All those years ago."Friends." A glint of a smile turned into a chuckle. "Don't we all, kid?" It was more of a retort to herself. Triss had spent most of her adult life gathering friends those around her that she thought to be similar-sharing the same goals as herself.... only to be let down and heart-broken. Betrayed. Something in Triss' gaze darkened at the thought.

"Thanks for your help," Slanted ears perked. The paler female began to step back, that was when Triss knew she had lost Phaedra. It was disappointing, to say the least. The Boss Lady's front was all calm; her smile warming and friendly as she dipped her skull. "No harm done, Miss Phaedra." "I'll remember the, um, Outlaws." No. She would not. It seemed that the younger girl was so eager to get away from Triss that her cover was broken. She could see how much she had intimidated her... well, that was not her intent. "If 'ya ever change 'yer mind, you know where 'ta find us!" Hollering after the vanishing figure, Triss let out a sigh and shrugged her mottled shoulders. Her ghostly gaze flickered to the skies, to the towering Pine's that swayed in the gentle breeze. With a small shake of her head, The Boss Lady turned in the opposite direction; towards her home.

-Exit Triss, end thread.-

"this is a wild game of survival"
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"This is a wild game of survival."

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