The Outlaws
The Outlaws
"Freedom, at any cost."

For eon’s Cyrileth has been gripped by famine, by needless devotion to the so called “gods.” This gang of miss-fits seem to have been borne from tragedy, their homes, their lives destroyed. But together, they have found an understanding, a camaraderie. They run as one, never settling. Pillaging, robbing , exposing the truth all in the name of freedom.

- Triss has found an usual scent and calls the Outlaws to help her; here! [White Moose Hunt Event]


CLAIMED LAND(S): Alpine Lake, Hiá

ALLIES: Nicharrion.

ENEMIES: Astaria Haven, Idrani Kingdom.

Boss Lady


Each member has a title and a role to play within the Gang. In order for things to work, each wolf is expected to pull their weight. If not; severe punishments are handed out.

BOSS LADY: Founding member of the Outlaws, they are the Alpha essentially. In charge of all things, the only one who can accept wolves into the Gang and law-maker/punisher.

DEPUTY: Second in command. Advisor, personal close friend. They are in charge of maintaining the Camp and keeping things in check when the Boss is away.

RANGER: The Scout. Their job is to locate sources of food, new points of interest. They are highly agile; rather than full of brute strength.

OUTRIDER: Similar to scout, yet they lean more towards being a Spy. They infiltrate places of interest, steal and lie. They are the most skilled and usually more than one wolf is placed in this job.

BRAWLER: The muscle. The fighters, warriors, hot-heads of the Gang. They are responsible mostly for patrolling the Camp grounds and helping the Boss on excursions.

CARETAKER: Working with the Deputy, Caretaker's are the shoulder to cry on. The council and mothers of the Gang. They stay at camp and help with morale, caring for those that are wounded.

ROOKIE: New to the gang, they are teased to see their potential. Omegas, almost until they find their place within the Gang.


NOMADIC: The Outlaws, first and foremost are free to wander and stay wherever they wish upon the soil of Cyrileth. It is known for the gang to move from location to location. However their "home base" is the Alpine Lake, usually in the Summer; they are around Hiá. Members are free to stay where they wish-not just at the Camp location.

LAWS: The Outlaws are a dysfunctional family, everyone has a role to play and everyone is expected to pull their weight and contribute to the welfare of the gang.

- Second chances are rarely given. Murder/harmful acts to another member of the gang will result in severe punishment and most likely death.

-Loyalty is paramount. Traitors are killed.

- Mates are not forbidden, pups are not welcome. It is not a lifestyle for bringing up young.

'ROUND THE CAMPFIRE: Once a month, the Outlaws gather at Camp to catch up on activities, important information and establishing bonds and status. A general meeting that is mandatory for all members. Songs will be sung, but most importantly a game will be played; two truths and a lie. This is to sharpen certain skills and just a fun time to enjoy one another's company.


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