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The tiny babe crouched down in the grass, rump wriggling excitedly and tail swishing with the laziness of a cat on a Sunday afternoon. Bright blue eyes watched with rapt attention as the little beetle scurried about the dirt and she eagerly licked her lips. Oooo... he was gonna make a super yummy snack. Crunchy yet satisfying. Her stomach gurgled in silent anticipation and her too big paws nearly tripped overthemselves as she stalked her unsuspecting prey.

Abruptly, the beetle stopped, lifting it's small head skyward and began to do a motion not unlike push-ups. Nyx blinked, taken aback by the odd motion and for a moment she did nothing but stare. Then... it started to sink in how silly he looked and before she could stop it, a giggle bubbled up from her vocal chords and spilled from her tongue. The beetle stopped it's strange movements and immediately took off, scampering away at an alarming speed. Nyx sucked in a gasp. "Oh no! My crunchy!" Nyx cried and scrambled in a valiant effort to catch him. She stumbled over her too big paws but pushed herself right back up, scrambling in a mad, graceless dash.

They zigged and zagged through the dense underbrush until finally... Nyx lost her footing, started to fall, let out a startled yelp and wound up getting both the beetle and a mouthful of dirt. For a moment she lay there sprawled and stunned, a bit too dazed to do anything else, but then the beetle started moving in her mouth and Nyx made a triumphant sound in the pit of her chest. Obnoxiously she chewed, grinning ridiculously as the crunchy beetle met the fate of her teeth. Dirt spilled from her mouth in dusty ribbons that were spun away by the gentle breeze but she still ended up swallowing a fair amount... not that she cared. She'd caught her crunchy snack!

Her tail whipped back and forth at an astronomical rate, her smile made the scars on her muzzle crinkle and ooze with just a bit of blood and her front half was coated in a fine layer of dirt. Nyx was a train wreck but she was a happy one and really... that was all that mattered.

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Pale paws carried the sorrowful healer from the Vista. She wasn't even sure where she was going until she stopped and looked around. She had made her way to the Pine Forest. She had been trying to avoid coming back here right now.. The memories of Indrani living within these lands was strong.. And this was the first time she had left Astaria's borders since her, Mordecai, Eldane and Adair took sanctuary within the pack lands. What was her luck that she'd find herself wandering within the former lands she had lived in throughout much of her time within the lands of Cyrileth? A sigh escaped the healer as she dragged her paws towards the spot she and Adair had once claimed as their shared den here within the pine forest. Poking her head inside, she saw the stocks of herbs she had left here within the den without meaning to. They had just picked up and moved to Astaria once she realized the strain it would cause on her wolves to have to hunt and patrol such a large stretch of territory. Cheiren hadn't even thought to grab her carefully collected herbs.. She might have to take those with her when she made her way back to Astaria.

Flopping down inside the den she formerly called hers, Cheiren laid her head on her paws. Her pelt was still largely unkempt, but in making her way outside the borders of Astaria showed that she was slowly regaining her normal attitude that she'd had before Indrani fell. Her nose twitched as the slightest scent of blood blew towards her. Despite her not-so-happy attitude, a healer's vow was a healer's vow. No matter what, she couldn't ignore the scent of wolf blood. Pushing herself to her paws, she grabbed some marigold and cobwebs from her storage that she'd kept when Indrani ruled these lands. Cheiren followed the slight scent of blood to its source. It was a young pup, around half a year if she thought correctly. Bicolored eyes quickly spotted the slight bit of blood on the pup's muzzle, and despite being better than she was prior to coming out here, her eyes were still a bit dull and lacked that characteristic sparkle she used to hold in her gaze. "Are you hurt, young one?" Cheiren asked softly, her voice still a bit raspy as she spoke from lack of use in recent times.

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Nyx was delighted! Okay, she'd be more delighted if she'd just caught her Crunchy without the extra dirt that came right along with him, but still! She'd succeeded! Her tail continued to dust the air behind her, hard enough to wiggle her rump and she continued to push the dirt in her mouth around with her tongue so that most of it just spilled out of the sides of her snout. She looked ridiculous but who cared about looks? She had a Crunchy! A yummy delicious little beetle for lunch! One eye squinted as a bit of the dust entered her nose but she managed to swallow what was left of her delicious bug (and a fair amount of dirt) before the sneeze knocked her flat on her rump. It was about that time she spotted the blood oozing from the scar on her snout and huffed dramatically. "Aw man, not again!"

She was distracted by the way it itched and oozed and never noticed the adult approaching her until the voice echoed directly from her right. She let out a startled sound and scrambled to get back up, twisting around to face the stranger her beckoned her. "Course I am! I caught my Crunchy! Why do ya-" There was a pause as Nyx really saw the wolf in front of her. Sure she was a little bedraggled and her fur was little bit messed up, but Nyx recognized the woman in front of her. She blinked, tilted her head and let that lopsided grin decorate her muzzle. "Hey I know you! Don't cha 'member me?" Nyx trotted forward, forgetting all about the question of lieu of batting at Cheiren with a paw.

Abruptly she remembered that this woman may have been one of the last to see her parents alive. "Have you seen Mama or Papa? I got lost and couldn't find em', mama's gonna be so mad." Nyx whined, already dreading the tanning her backside was gonna get."Papa will be proud that I can catch bugs now though!" Another lopsided grin. It was hard to keep the precious baby down.

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