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[ P ] Paw Steps


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The pines had called the man once more. Their needles poked at his paws, dug under his claws. It was a good day – it was hot, but the shade the trees offered was cooling – and his mind was not against him. The man could accept the trees and their shadows for what they were. Shadows. They were not things writhing and flashing at him with teeth and claw, the movement of branches and foliage, the crunch of prey on the pine needles was not some enemy rushing to surround him or evade him. The forest was calm. It was peaceful. It almost reminded him of when he was younger, before things had begun to take a toll on his mind.

He could march the trails that formed by the natural movement of creatures, his shoulders rolling with muscle. His age had not caught him yet. Not fully. Sure, he became stiff from time to time, and his joints ached a little… but his body was just as strong. His senses were just as sharp. His teeth were just as fierce. It was a day where he had a confidence about him that proved who he had always been before he’d spiraled so deep into his own mind that he had avoided the trees altogether.

In his marching, the scent of another reached his nose. A man. Krinnag felt a small twitch in his lips, but he decided that he could perhaps attempt to socialize. To sooth that need. He desired neither food nor water, and he felt rested. He could give to another need at the moment and not feel desperate in any form. He paused when he saw the hint of a pelt, tracking the other for a moment or two before he approached, not bothering to conceal the sound of his footfalls.


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