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Immortalis, #1


gender: Non-Conforming


posts: 4

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Stardust: 70✪


Parents: Blackfoot x Cailan
Due Date: August 13th, 2019
Adopt By Date: September 24th, 2019

Adoption Submission Deadline: September 3rd, 2019

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Gillian or Caspian Immortalis [Adopter Picks One]

Affiliation: Astaria Haven

Sex: Male
Size: Large
Eye Color: Green
Fur Color: Black, Gray, Blue

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Recessive: Fur (White, Russet), Eye (Blue)
Bw,Gs, Ls, XX, El, XY

Skills: Open (All combinations accepted)
Constellation: The Shadow

Alignment: Open (All accepted except for Evil)
Personality: Open

Blackfoot Parenting - More stern and distant. She won't be very physically affectionate and her words of comfort will be more blunt than flowery. Her mind is more objective and she will never hold the truth back from her children. Blackfoot would do anything for her kids, and that includes supporting them in all they wish to achieve. She will endeavor to take the pups on "business trips" to acquaint them with Chieftain duties (such as walking the borders and meeting with allied leaders).

Cailan Parenting - The quintessential happy-go-lucky father that cuddles his kids and playfully wrestles them. He loves taking the kids out for runs on the beach and enjoys inspiring a competitive (but easy going) spirit. Cailan will often encourage the kids to play and will be the first to try and wipe away their tears.

Potential Plots
+ Interacting with Ianthe and Adair in the wake of their father's relationship (either crumbling or in the process of being repaired) with his siblings.
+ Learning the constellations alongside their mother from Isolde Fairchild / other natives.
+ Amelia, Blackfoot's mother, may choose to prey upon the pups and kidnap one/corrupt one.
+ Daughter Specific -- Learning about the Ardria name from Isolde and choosing to trade Immortalis for Ardria. She will grow up to hopefully aspire to rebuild their native culture.

Roleplay Sample: (No Preference)

WE ARE ACCEPTING PRIVATE APPLICATIONS. For those that feel uncomfortable posting publicly or feel awkward with competition, you may create a google doc that allows anyone with the link to view and send it to Plymouth and Claerie.

Claerie and Plymouth reserve the right to reclaim this character should the adopter fall inactive or neglect the character. The adopter agrees to be active or risk having the character be taken from them. This character may not be taken to other sites without explicit permission.



gender: Female


posts: 13

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Stardust: 25✪
male | puppy | astaria haven |

"The Shadow-Knight dances on the moon with an untamed heart."

Constellation: The Shadow


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

VOICE: Baelfire, One Upon A Time

"The Shadow Knight."
"He has a shadow's heart."
"He dances on the moon with an untamed heart."

Hold back the river, James Bay



Caspian is not simply black and white, he is the shade between light and dark. He can be viewed as just and honorable.... to a point. It is more in his self-interest and (sometimes) his family. Though he may not realize it, if harm ever came to any of his Sisters; he would be the first to get them back. As the only male within the litter, Caspian feels like it is his duty to carry their woes and wipe away their insecurities. Even though he acts without a care in the world, secretly he is has a soft-molten core. He hates injustice. Despises those that cannot stand up for themselves. He will fight for what he believes in and for justice to those that are wrong.

Caspian has an easy going nature about him, he walks carelessly with the sun upon his back and a toothy grin. But when it comes to the balance of all things, he has it right. He is calm. His voice a soft, soothing balm... He is the voice of reason. Yet he as an untamed side, raw and chaotic like the waves upon the Forgotten Vista's shores, since birth he has been an inquisitive pup; always searching, getting into trouble. The wonders of Cyrileth become his dreams at night and he becomes a valiant Knight of the realm by day. As he learns more about his world, he will develop an untamed need to explore, Leading him away from the safety of his home. He dances on danger's thin line with a lop-sided grin. He craves for more than a simple life.



- To learn of the constellations by Isolde, also the Fairfolk and their ways of life.

- Leans towards Adair and Cheiren, the idea of a Kingdom is a fantasy he keeps from childhood. Clashes with his Father about it.

-Could be corrupted by Amelia, to give into his more fickle and cunning tendencies.


ROLE-PLAY SAMPLE: (4 months old.)

He flew by jagged rocks as a bundle of monochrome and blue. Seafoam eyes were bright with youthful vigor and childish wonder. Soft giggles bounded from the boy as overly-large paws for such a tiny body fumbled awkwardly upon moss and grass. The sun was high behind him, yet a chilling wind that rushed in from the ocean was a bitter reminder of Winter. "Momma swaid not too goo ne-AH!" As the young boy reminded himself of his Mother's words, he met the ground harshly, rolling over onto emerald grass. "Swilly paws! Tuh big..." Spitting out some collected earth, A frustrated growl rumbled in an adorable yip from his ivory jaws. Yet he was quick to rise back up onto his tiny toes. Pwah! Grass yucky..." The little bundle of fluff quickly shook away the horrible taste of grass in his mouth; his bright gaze looked up and found stone, yet beyond that; two wolves standing at the opening of a very large cave.

His mother had taken him beyond the Cave on one occasion, but he was younger then, all it was was a flurry of shadows and a damp, salty smell. He didn't really like it back then; but now it was like a beast that needed to be slain! His heart thumped quickly within his tiny chest, imagining what lay beyond! Perhaps it was the den to a big-scary monster! Or maybe a wide open field with lots of sweet berries! Caspian eagerly plodded up towards the entrance. Yet he stopped; being held back by the two guards. They mentioned something about his Mother's warnings and the pup pouted angrily. "Imma big boy now!" Puffing out his blue-stained chest with pride. "I can twake on the monstah!" The guards laughed and kept him at bay, but Caspain was small enough to see though. Beyond, lay twists and turns, yet the smell of something sweet sparked an idea. So quickly, he wiggled between legs, giggling to himself as he did so; thinking he had out smarted them, thinking that he could take on the world!

He was able to get through and so he was off again; tiny paws pitter-pattering upon wet stone, he saw light, and a big patch of green! "Ha! Bwig bozo's-AH!" He felt like he was flying, looking down his paws were dangling as the ground flew away from him. Yet a familiar laugh caused the pup to frown. "Daaa-lemme gooo!" Being held by his scruff, Caspain tried his best to wiggle free, but all he managed to do was bump into his father's large chest. "Ruined my gaaame!" He took one last look at the bright light, "I'll gwet there...." He whispered softly to himself. Before being taken back to the vista.


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