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Immortalis, #3


gender: Non-Conforming


posts: 4

post log:

Stardust: 70✪


Parents: Blackfoot x Cailan
Due Date: August 13th, 2019
Adopt By Date: September 24th, 2019

Adoption Submission Deadline: September 3rd, 2019

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Coralia (Coral) or Seashell Immortalis [Adopter Picks One]

Affiliation: Astaria Haven

Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color: Gray, Black, White

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Recessive: Fur (Blue), Eye (Yellow)
Gx, Bx, Wx, Xl, Ly, XX

Skills: Open (All combinations accepted)
Constellation: The Mother

Alignment: Open (All accepted except for Evil)
Personality: Open

Blackfoot Parenting - More stern and distant. She won't be very physically affectionate and her words of comfort will be more blunt than flowery. Her mind is more objective and she will never hold the truth back from her children. Blackfoot would do anything for her kids, and that includes supporting them in all they wish to achieve. She will endeavor to take the pups on "business trips" to acquaint them with Chieftain duties (such as walking the borders and meeting with allied leaders).

Cailan Parenting - The quintessential happy-go-lucky father that cuddles his kids and playfully wrestles them. He loves taking the kids out for runs on the beach and enjoys inspiring a competitive (but easy going) spirit. Cailan will often encourage the kids to play and will be the first to try and wipe away their tears.

Potential Plots
+ Interacting with Ianthe and Adair in the wake of their father's relationship (either crumbling or in the process of being repaired) with his siblings.
+ Learning the constellations alongside their mother from Isolde Fairchild / other natives.
+ Amelia, Blackfoot's mother, may choose to prey upon the pups and kidnap one/corrupt one.
+ Daughter Specific -- Learning about the Ardria name from Isolde and choosing to trade Immortalis for Ardria. She will grow up to hopefully aspire to rebuild their native culture.

Roleplay Sample: (No Preference)

WE ARE ACCEPTING PRIVATE APPLICATIONS. For those that feel uncomfortable posting publicly or feel awkward with competition, you may create a google doc that allows anyone with the link to view and send it to Plymouth and Claerie.

Claerie and Plymouth reserve the right to reclaim this character should the adopter fall inactive or neglect the character. The adopter agrees to be active or risk having the character be taken from them. This character may not be taken to other sites without explicit permission.


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