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[ AW ] But we fell, oh well


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The warm embrace of alcohol eased the tension in his spirit and muscles alike. There wasn't really much else for him to do right now, other than lazing about in the sun and carefully balancing his berry consumption to maintain the precise state that served him best, neither too drunk nor too sober. It was a risky idea, all things considered - sometimes inebriation only makes you more miserable than you already are. But so far it worked out well. While all the thoughts he wanted to avoid surfaced occasionally, they never managed to stick thanks to the buzz in his head. And yet, the red male couldn't resign himself to thoughtless oblivion, as there were things that he simply had to think about.

Like it or not, Nicharion had to make do with his new life situation. Reinvent himself to a degree, perhaps. He wasn't quite sure how. Family used to define his purpose. The more it crumbled, the more desperate his attempts to cling to it were. Now though, he was alone, and he could only look for meaning in himself.

It wasn't even that he was worried, lack of experience has never stopped him before. Not knowing what to do was annoying, however. And.. loneliness. That the Valentine wasn't used to. It was a laughable idea, for someone who thinks so little of others to feel lonely. And yet, Triss' offer of camaraderie was surprisingly well-measured, even though Nicharion had no intention whatsoever of taking it up. He craved for some kind of connection, but the very notion of it only made him want to roll his eyes.

Or at least some company for the night, to leave behind come morning. That was a compromise he could possibly accept.



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