Vanadium, Monarch
Heyyy, I'm back! Please let me know if Mon's colors are okay, I wasn't sure if the russet parts around eyes/in ears would be allowed.

First Skill: Endurance
Second Skill: Strength
Third Skill: Agility
Constellation: The Bear
Affiliation: none
Roleplay Sample: Monarch lengthened his stride, feeling the muscles in his legs stretch and shift with each step. It felt good to move, to run through the world rather than sitting and waiting for something to happen. He had been doing that a long time… waiting, unsure of what action to take, wanting to go a certain way and being stopped by old loyalty. He’d wished he had the strength to leave his father behind, to become something of his own, but here he was still watching, waiting, making sure that Sinclair was alive. He’d taken steps and gone on short journeys, but always Monarch came back, keeping his distance yet watching, always. They’d traveled together yet apart and Monarch wasn’t sure that Sinclair even knew he was there, trailing him carefully. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Surely his father knew he was there, didn’t he? Monarch was no expert at keeping himself hidden, and yet Sinclair had never called to him, never acknowledged his presence. He could practically tase the bitterness on his tongue, and Monarch growled softly to himself, ears flattening in self-anger. How had he become so pathetic?

And still. He shook his head, shifting into a gallop and letting his legs run him tired across the grassy plain near the lake of this new land. The sun was thick upon the darkness layering his back, but he found himself enjoying the warmth, tongue leaking from his mouth as he panted. This new place was strange, unfamiliar from the glacier he grew up around, but his father had brought himself here, and unknowingly his son, and so Monarch would stay. He knew he just needed to approach Sinclair, to let his father know that he was here. At least that would push for some kind of resolution. He was no longer a pup and yet Monarch was afraid, even after all this time. What if Sinclair told him to leave? What would he do then?

He came to an abrupt halt near the lake to take a drink, breath huffing out of his chest. His muscles were sore in that satisfying way running always made them, and he tried to close off his mind and relish the feeling of just being alive. He didn’t know where Sinclair was right now but maybe it was time to confront him after all… so that he could move onto whatever was next.

Desired Plots: Wants to reunite with Sinclair and the rest of his family, see where things go from there.


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