Grey Rock

she / her
First Skill: Strength
Second Skill: Sturdiness
Third Skill: Tolerance
Constellation: The Maiden
Affiliation: Loner
Roleplay Sample: This was new. Some might find new exciting, but "some" were not Grey Rock.
He stepped lightly over the rocky ground, ears pressed flat to his skull, tail tucked as he moved. This new land was dangerous. Even someone as uneducated as himself could tell that. The air smelled of sulphur, thick with ash that made him want to sneeze. He could hear violent crashing in the distance, like Nature Herself was furious with this god-forsaken land. Even the ground was warmer than it should be. It unnerved him.
Grey Rock paused on the edge of a cliff, peering at the rocky land below. The wind felt hot, and even squinting, he couldn't see further than the mountain that rose before him, billowing smoke. No sign of life.
There was a breathless moment where Grey Rock considered turning around. But he was so, so tired, and turning around meant going back . Back to a castle that never felt like home, wolves that never felt like family. A shudder wracked through him. Back wasn't an option.
Lowering his head in defeat, he whispered a prayer to Nature that She would be kind to him, and plodded down the thin path into this new valley.
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