Grace, Eden

First Skill: endurance
Second Skill: accuracy
Third Skill: intuition
Constellation: the eldritch tree
Affiliation: loner
Roleplay Sample:Eden didn't know how long she'd been on the move, not this time. Another road, another horizon... that was how it had always gone. She'd walked off into the sunset. A flair for the dramatic. You couldn't expect anything less from her, not anymore. A flair for everything-- you couldn't beat it. She couldn't be stopped, not any longer. The sun had come and gone for days... for weeks? How long now?

The soft grounds of spring gave way to summer, and it was clear she'd passed into new lands. Far from home, far from everything she'd ever known. It had been an age since she'd seen anyone, and... well, she was lonely. Eden wasn't good with this being on her own thing, if only because she longed for someone to talk to. Some company on another long journey. Not so far away, she could hear running water. Maybe it was time for a rest, after all.

All senses on high alert, Eden moved in the direction of what sounded like a river. Water would draw out more than just wolves, and there were plenty of things out there bigger and stronger than she was. On watch, but soft. This place... well, it was beautiful. Eyes wide as ever, filled with wonder, she crossed the grass. At least today was beautiful.

Desired Plots:I'd like her to fall into an affiliation IC, and actually find a sense of belonging for once <3


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