[ P ] Moment For Life
Night had fallen and Vasilica had set out from the safe borders of Astaria. She was a different version of the girl who had arrived at Astaria with her knight in shining armor just a mere month or so ago. No longer was she malnourished and weak; her pelt was lush and thick, her body now maintaining at least fifteen more pounds than before and carrying it very well. She was no longer skin stretched over bones; she has curves, bouncy and healthy fat, and muscles that supported everything without straining. If she hadn’t accepted the helping paw of the Captain of the Guard, she would have perished. Now...she was far from that brink of death.

She left her home and made it to the volcano without meeting or greeting anyone new or familiar. The journey was faster than she had anticipated and as she made her way to the volcano to peek at its contents, she wondered if she would meet anyone there. Part of her thought of Leviathan and his desire for power. Her heart gave a sharp twinge and her chest began to ache. Despite living within the confines of Astaria, she missed him more than she could admit out loud.

As she made it to the top of the volcano, her paws touched warm ground and she reclined to her haunches on a neutral piece of soil. Violet eyes looked to the churning magma within and she sighed as she admitted, for the first time in weeks, “I miss you.”


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The night reigned, Leviathan rose with the shadows. He was a man of the night; favouring the darkness as it moulded to his will. His pelt rippled like the night sky above. He had still yet to gain healthy weight, it was slowly forming. Too slow. But the spirit within him did not dampen, the hole that Vasilica had left was slowly filled by Nicharion’s presence. It he could not deny the violet eyes that glowered at him in his dreams. The soft words that still made his hear thrum a little faster.

But as each night rose, she faded from memory and he tried his best to push those feelings away with it.

Having recently arrived in the territory he aimed to claim, Leviathan had yet to familiarise himself with the patrol routes. Yet as he came to the base of the Volcano, his eyes glowered. Immense and bright. Could he be dreaming? The floral scent of Vasilica hit him like a tonne of bricks in his chest. Immediately, he followed. His paws dragging him before he could stop.

I miss you. Ebon ears perked as she spoke. She sat so quaint. So quiet. The heat of the lava rising beneath did not compare to the rage that splintered the icy walls around his heart. ”Funny, that is not what you said when you left, love.” He appeared like an ominous shadow behind her. Oh, wait! You didn’t even say goodbye.” A growl rippled from his icy maw. Oh, how part of him wanted to throw her into the volcano. But as he glared at her, he was fixated to the ground. His paws felt like they were trapped in ice.

What was she doing here?

"The King of ice."

"And his Queen"

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She smelled him before she heard his presence behind her. Her nose quivered as the hot scent of the magma mixed with that of his personal fragrance, causing her heart to flutter without hesitation. She raised her head, eyes looking at the magma before she turned her cranium to greet the icy blue gaze of her counterpart. Violet gems within her skull showed a flame that had nothing to do with the volcano’s innards, but rather the spark that had never left her when she had reunited with leviathan. Now, however, she could tell that what they had shared seemed to dim by the rage that had replaced his typical swankiness.

His words were hot to the ear, burning the inside of her auds as she felt and saw how pissed off he was. She began to consider the best way to approach him, if he would even let her. The silence dragged on, until she finally found the words that rose to her mind. “Levi...” she breathed, her eyes never leaving him as she stood and turned to completely face him. A couple of steps were taken forward, but she didn’t push it any further as her gaze continued to burn. “If only you understood would not feel so enraged...”

It felt like she had drove a knife right into his chest.

Once their gazes met, he could not leave. He would not run. He would not fight. He felt paralyzed. What fates were at play to make him feel this way? The way her violet eyes glimmered from the glowing heat of lava beneath, the way that a tinge of the lightest red glinted upon her soft... golden fur. He could feel himself relaxing simply by admiring.


Something pulled and tugged. Beckoned to break free of its cage. Perhaps it was him. The real him. Not some love-sick puppy dog. The King. The beast. The man of ice. “Levi...” Soft words whispered like an icy wind towards him. Like a lover's hand to a cheek, in aims to soothe. To hold.

Like a silken rope wrapping around his neck.

She took a few steps forwards. Oh, he was so torn. He wanted to embrace her. He wanted to hold her. To let her sweet perfume pull him into a false sense of security.

But he also wanted to scream.

He could never hurt her. Something inside of him pulled those thoughts away. He could never imagine himself laying a paw to harm her, not even at his worst. Pride was among one of his many bad traits, but it had also formed into some twisted form of moral system. One that he hid unintentionally. “If only you understood would not feel so enraged...” Had love done this to him? Unable to act?


"Is that so?"

His voice sneered with his crinkling maw. Voice crackling like ice in the silence of the Volcano.

"Come up with your best excuse. I am in need of humor."

He wanted to turn and walk away. Leave her. Forget about her. Find Nicharion and....


He could not even see himself doing that anymore.

"The King of ice."

"And his Queen"

Table By Raven, Art By Ashon<3


She could see the hurt that radiated in his gaze, the anger that rose and fell with each breath in his chest. His body was torn, stiff from trying to decide to leave or enclose the space between them. The heat of the volcano and the iciness from his black-and-white frame clashed from where Vasilica stood and she could feel the invisible fight in the atmosphere around them. Black paws carried her a couple of steps further and she saw his breath hitch, as if he were afraid for her to approach. She may not have acted like it, but Vasilica knew she had more control with Levi than with any other wolves in her life. Why? The answer to that question was simple: no one else meant as much to her as the fallen Salvatore King.

His words attempted to be cold, to be hard upon the ears and heavy on the heart. She knew she had hurt him, even if she couldn't see his eyes filled with the emotion, she could feel it in the atmosphere around him. She raised her head so she wouldn't cower, proving that despite their sudden separation, she was confident in everything she did. Even though her heart ached and the desire to wrap herself around him was strong, she couldn't move through those least, not yet. He encouraged her to explain why she had left and she thought about what she should say. Lie and wrap it in a pretty bow? Or tell the truth and present it in the same fashion? She was a wild card; you never knew what would come from those inky black lips.

Her gold and black tail flicked behind her as she watched Levi for a few seconds of silence, taking in his frame and the fact that he looked more sickly now than she. Her heart went out to him and she gave a soft whine, betraying how she really felt and what she really wanted to do. Words could be useless; words could not express her deepest and truest desires for him in that moment. Alas, she knew she had some explaining to do, so she would do it and attempt to amend the bridge that had been severely burned between her and her unclaimed beloved.

"You will be a king," she began, her words soft and cool against the heat of the volcano. "That has always been the plan and that is what will happen." She spoke with a brimming confidence as she took another step forward, each movement she made with pristine precision. "Everything I have done, Leviathan, I have done for you, for me...for us." She put extra emphasis on 'us', ensuring that her true feelings were wrapped in the one word that meant more to her than anything else.

"I was dying, Levi," she said, dropping the sound of desperation in her voice from the mere idea of perishing. "To think of you waking up and finding me lifeless by your side, I knew you would feel regret and guilt, despite the icy layers that surround you." She spoke at a volume that kept potential eavesdroppers from catching her words, yet loud enough for her king's ears to catch. "I had to leave, to make myself strong...something that you, my king, would do if the roles were reversed." Leviathan was a selfish man, a trait that Vasilica had taken into consideration when reviewing her relationship with him. Despite that one flaw of many, she felt for him something that she had never felt for anyone At the present time, it remained nameless and hiding in the shadows of her mind. All in due time, unfortunately.

Another step was taken forward, yet Vasilica acted like it didn't cause her stomach to flutter as she minimized the space between her and Leviathan. Violet eyes watched him as she slowly continued to reveal everything. "Rumors flew of a haven, of a place where those who sought shelter and reviving for the body and soul had an actual existence..." A soft smirk appeared at the left corner of her lip, the memory a fleeting one that she shared. "Who knew that a past acquaintance of mine would be the key to entering such a sacred fold? I was past the point of caring and he pulled me in, encouraging me to eat and get stronger as a part of their sanctuary...and I had to accept, Levi..."

She was now close enough to where their noses could touch, their chests could bump, and their furs could mesh and blend against and with each other. With half-lidded eyes, Vasilica looked up to Leviathan's icy blues and her voice dropped into a seductive whisper. "Everything I did, my love, I did for you and the future of Haldis. If I abruptly left and hurt you, I didn't do it intentionally. You mean more to me than..." Her breath hitched and her eyes widened, surprised that she had let her emotions get the best of her. Dare she continue?

"he's wrapped around my finger"
"she's my little bird"

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It seemed like she wanted to court death.

As she stepped closer, the tension that pulled his muscles taught began to ache. But instead of cowering-like he had expected or wanted Vasilica to do, she stood tall. Even against his icy glare. The was like a beacon upon a stormy night; even against the lashes of snow, ice and wind, she stood against it all. Regality flowed from her and for the first time he saw something he had not the last time; courage.

But he refused to acknowledge the sorrow in her beautiful violet gaze. The gaze that not so long ago en-captured him, entranced him. Locked him in a cage. Made him morally, emotionally conflicted. Now that he had been set free... all he wanted to do was be back within her embrace. Nicharion and Amelia came to mind momentarily; such sinful acts committed... "you will be a king," Came words of kindness intended to kill. that has always been the plan and that is what will happen." Each step she took was full of pride and prowess. Spoken like a true Queen. As she neared closer; her sweet scent drew him in like a bad habit. Oh, how he wanted to relapse. "everything i have done, leviathan, i have done for you, for me...for us." A tiwch of his lips gave from to a growl. It was aimed as a low warning, but it was more intentionally for himself; for his own confliction. "i was dying, levi, The desperation pulled a string within him that he had forgotten existed. "to think of you waking up and finding me lifeless by your side, i knew you would feel regret and guilt, despite the icy layers that surround you." He had to admit, she had a way with words. He tore his glaring gaze away from her; directing it at the glowing embers from the molten lava beneath them. Ears pinned furiously backwards upon his dark skull.

"i had to leave, to make myself strong...something that you, my king, would do if the roles were reversed." So her reasoning was to become stronger? A laugh. One that was bitter and full of resentment.

"As far as excuses go, that is pathetic." His words were shrill and short. Forcing himself to meet her gaze once more. He was a selfish man, true. But perhaps a few moons ago he would have considered doing anything... anything to keep her by his side. This could all be one, well-planned trick. Putting the blind fold over his eyes once more.

Or it could be the truth.

"We both made a promise."

He did not want to hear any more lies.

"To say by each other's side. We could have grown stronger together."

Now his words turned into a sneer.

"Everything you said to me when you returned was a lie."

Oh, he was about to have a full-scale tantrum now.

"who knew that a past acquaintance of mine would be the key to entering such a sacred fold? i was past the point of caring and he pulled me in, encouraging me to eat and get stronger as a part of their sanctuary...and i had to accept, levi..." He did not care. Not anymore.

"And I was simply meant to wait for you? To lovingly accept you back when you left with no explanation?" For a man so cold, oh, he was radiating heat now. His tail curled over his spine as stained canines peaked from dark lips.

He turned then. Caught so in the moment with the tilde-wave of emotions that ran though him that he did not catch her words. He took a few paces away, taring himself from her. everything i did, my love, i did for you and the future of haldis. if i abruptly left and hurt you, i didn't do it intentionally. you mean more to me than..." Glacial eyes rolled.

"Oh, spare me the apology." He could not bring himself to leave, though. More than... Turning his head to the side as to glare at her.

"More than what, Vasilica?" He slumped to the ground, something forcing him to stay.

"The King of ice."

"And his Queen"

Table By Raven, Art By Ashon<3

Violet eyes watched Leviathan as he began to deal with the emotions that had been kept inside for weeks. Anger and coldness rolled into one when he spoke, yet she felt the heat from his body flare like an open flame when fed gasoline. His icy blue eyes glared with a stinging hue, so strong and so startling that it caused Vasilica to physically wince. Her confidence, the one thing that had been behind everything she had done, was wavering. She watched him with a slight change in her gaze, purple opts now shimmering with potential tears. How could he not believe her, the one person in the world who was with him at his lowest point in life? Her mind was in shock, her body following its example. What she wouldn't give to brush against him, feel his heartbeat against her cheek, and his deep murmurs in her ear...

The thoughts of their past snuggle spells brought Vasilica's mind out of its shock. She still watched him, but she saw the hurt and pain she had caused him upon disappearing. Leviathan was never one to show such emotion to others, though...meaning that she was the rare exception. Her eyes widened and the shimmers disappeared from where tears were tempted to fall. The master of games had a heart and soul after all. He growled and flashed his teeth, claiming that all she had said before was a lie and he didn't want to hear an apology. Her ears moved to gracefully fall against her skull, causing her violet eyes to show out more against her golden fur. What could she say - what could she do - to prove that she meant well and to have him believe?

A crack in his cruel demeanor from his pain gave way to light and Vasilica saw it before it tried to disappear. The mighty Leviathan slumped to the ground, glaring at her with a side glance as he challenged her final words: More than... She felt the curiosity current beneath the waves of anger and hurt. Though it was a low-level current, she knew it was there. After all, why would he stay to listen if he didn't truly want her? The thought of him possibly wanting her to show him her heart, only to turn around and squash it in front of her came up, but she put it aside. Even if he did such a thing, Vasilica knew it was worth the risk in this moment, in this lifetime, for him.

Vasilica inhaled slowly before sighing a soft exhale, showing some release of tension before she spoke. She waited a few seconds and continued to watch him, huffing and puffing in a hurt manner, despite not saying a word. Finally, with her eyes now filled with the power similar to the magma, she met his gaze and it wasn't as soft as before. "You mean more to me than you know, Leviathan." She refused to recline to her haunches; instead, her tail rose into a curl over her lower back and her own canines became bared. "Despite your anger and how you feel about me now, I will always -- always -- keep you close to me."

The young Saxe measured each word with caution before sending it on its way in the form of her lyrics. "You are the reason I ensure our futures, Levi. You are the one I strive to do better for. YOU, Leviathan Salvatore..." Vasilica started to huff, frustration evident in her frame as she moved so their gazes were straight forward, rather than his side glare; this was too serious for just a peripheral glance. "you are the one I love and whom I cannot live without." It came as a surprise to her when she admitted her truest feeling for the Salvatore king. Her breaths were shallow and fast, mimicking the way her heart was hammering in her chest. It was then that she remained quiet, but her eyes flashed with a dangerous light, a fire that threatened to douse both of them in flames if one of them did not break through the emotional tides first.

"The King of ice."

"And his Queen"

Table By Raven, Art By Ashon<3



He was a man of very few emotions. Rarely shown; always hidden behind a facade of pride and prestige. But he could not hide from her. No matter how hard he tried. No matter how hard his mind screamed at him to just walk away; his paws remained firm upon the heated stone. His eyes could not help but wander. His mind could not help but reel.

His chest felt tight, his muscles taught beneath thick, ebon' fur. He could not decide whether it was weakened state or hormonal brain that made him feel constricted and dizzy. Perhaps it was the heat. Perhaps it was simply the strain of letting the anger flow through him like a tidal wave of water crashing through a dam.

When she recoiled; he could see the fear within her gaze and he lived for that. He craved for it. Yes. Watch her burn. Watch her slink away. It was a small gratification. A small price for what she had made him feel.

But there was something, somewhere that pained him to see her so meek. So afraid.

You mean more to me than you know, Leviathan. Soft words where whispered. The man only scoffed in response. Of course. She would say that! It was what Aléah had said; the perfect imitation of his Mother that drew a blindfold over his foolish eyes. "Despite your anger and how you feel about me now, I will always -- always -- keep you close to me." Oh but there was anger. A desperate plea. Ebon' ear flickered as he continued to give her a scornful side glance, but his lips could not help but curl up into a slight; twisted smile. Infuriate her. He wanted to see how far she would go.

"You are the reason I ensure our futures, Levi. You are the one I strive to do better for. YOU, Leviathan Salvatore..." A new-found confidence surprised him. She moved to meet his gaze head-on. Daring. Those violet hues en captured him with a new found determination. A shield had been put up and broken; now she rose like a phoenix from the ashes and boldly blazed before him. "you are the one I love and whom I cannot live without.

It felt like she had just burned him into cinders where he sat.

His eyes widened, but they no longer held a metallic, glacial edge. They were wide, fresh with a gleam of tear. He stood up, feeling as if she had taken his breath away. Stole his voice.

"You..." For the first time in a long time, The Fallen King was lost for words.

"Have no right." It was a voice broken. One cracked. One defeated.

Confliction ran within his chest. He did not look at her. But he could not help but growl. Lips twitched as ears pinned. A new found anger suddenly rattled through him.

"How can you say that when YOU were the one to leave me!" He took a step forwards.

"How!?" His voice boomed and echoed. Bounced against the walls of the Volcano.

"The King of ice."

"And his Queen"

Table By Raven, Art By Ashon<3

'You...have no right.' Such words from the fallen king would have made any other female cower in fright from feeling violated, but Vasilica was no ordinary woman. She had become emboldened and his words only bounced off of the shield of flames she felt rising around her gold-and-black frame. He rose to stand on all four paws, rising to be taller than her by the few inches he was so blessed to claim. She raised her head to meet his gaze as his voice boomed across the volcano's surface. 'How can you say that when YOU were the one to leave me?! How?!' Other wolves would have wanted to retaliate and cower from the two of them beginning to share their business all around the Volcano. Alas, like before, Vasilica was not like other wolves...neither was Leviathan.

Her brows furrowed and she softly growled at his words. She knew he had every right to question her, but that didn't mean she didn't like it. "I was dying, Levi," she said, her voice at a dangerously low octave for the Saxe woman. "What would you have done if you had found me beside you one night, lifeless and not breathing?" She wanted to wait for him to reveal his answer, but her anger pushed her through the moment.

"I'll tell you would have been heartbroken and felt guilty. Despite the shields of ice and the numerous twists and turns you provide for other wolves, you would have carried the burden of losing me for good." Her chest began to heave, her eyes now crackling with fire as hot tears rolled down her cheeks. "You are part of my WORLD, Levi!" Her voice rose then, a cry that could break glass and the hearts of sentimental females everywhere. She took another step forward, her vision blurry as she continued to strain and look at his icy blue opts. "It practically killed me when I disappeared, Levi...Don't think I don't regret not telling you my plans, because I have every. single. DAY!"

Vasilica gave a huff as more hot tears streaked down her cheeks, causing her golden fur to become matted with singular streams. "Even now, with you in front of me, I can't...I can't..." The dam broke and Vasilica's strain gave out. She started to cry more, her body racking with silent sobs and her ears pinned to the back of her head. She lowered her skull to her chest, eyes shut tight to try and prevent more tears from falling, but to no avail. Agony tempted to take over her thoughts, but she feebly pushed it away as she felt her haunches recline to the ground and her frame begin to shiver from the toll of her weeping. She tried to regain her speech, but it was temporarily lost.

"The King of ice."

"And his Queen"

Table By Raven, Art By Ashon<3


She did not cower. Instead it was as if he had poured gasoline onto her blazing flames. She stood taller against his wrath. Her eyes as intense as his own. “I was dying, Levi.” Her growl was soft but surely would grow louder the longer he wound the cog. What would you have done if you had found me beside you one night, lifeless and not breathing? ebon ears pinned flat to his skull. No matter the anger that he felt, perhaps it was because he still cared.

With Nicharion things were different. He was free to feel, free to take things as they were or nothing at all. The rusty male had made him feel at ease, there for him when Vasilica was not...

I’ll tell you what... you would have been heartbroken and felt guilty. Despite the shields of ice and the numerous twists and turns you provide for other wolves, you would have carried rage burden of losing me for goos. And there she was; hitting a vein within his heart that he did not know existed. But that was not all, tears glistened in the ember lighting. You are part of my WORLD, Levi! Her voice splintered, shattering like a thousand icicles. It practically killed me when I disappeared, Levi...don’t think I don’t regret not telling you my plans, because I have every.single.DAY He did not expect to see so much emotion break her.

Even now, with you in font of me, I can’t...I can’t...” Cries were something he had not anticipated and when he heard the sobs take over her he could not help but feel... guilty. The ache within his chest grew by each passing moment, carrying himself quickly to her side.

”Vasilica...” His voice came out in a murmur, sitting down to brush his muzzle against her soft, golden cheek. He immediately wanted to take away her tears. Take back the anger he felt. He had never taken abandonment well, especially when...

”I am sorry, so sorry...” The echoes of her voice, saying that she loved him seemed to snap him out of the blaze of anger. A sigh rolled from his chest, resting his chin upon her nape. The sweet smell of her floral scent thrummed a happiness within him he thought to be gone.

”I.. have never felt the way I feel about you before.” She was able to tap into unknown nerves. Make him soar over the highest mountains and drag him through the hottest lava.

”I love you, too.” It was as if a huge weight had been lifted from his chest.

"The King of ice."

"And his Queen"

Table By Raven, Art By Ashon<3


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