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[ P ] Ebony and Ivory


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It had been some time since he had found Vasilica. Found out about her betrayal. She had left to join another. Live under someone else's rule. No matter the real reasoning... he would not-could not simply forgive. He was not the forgiving sort. Instead, a darkness manifested. Splintered like ice. He felt torn in two... between the woman he loved and the woman that betrayed him.

Ebon paws angrily crushed against soft soil. Snow only peaked at the mountain's top now, in the prime of Summer all the ice had gone. It immediately made him crave the numbing sensation of ice. The bitter wind that stole his breath back at the Cascades. But that was no home. It was a place to spend in solitude. He had done enough sulking. Enough wasting away. All that time wasted. When he could have been building his Empire.

The night's shadow tried its best to soothe the restless man as he began to figure out exactly where his borders would lay. Weaving in and out of Pines. The thin trees reminded him of home back in Mirahl. Perhaps that was what drew him to live beneath the shadow of the Volcano.

He had yet to pick out any source of food, either. Only the occasional stray hare or fox. How odd... he could make do, though. There was always bountiful prey somewhere else.

He continued onward, wondering whom would grace his presence this night.

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