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Types of Characters/Creatures Allowed: Anything humanoid, there are almost no rules apart from that.
Time where the RP is set: Alternate Universe where sci-fi, modern day, and fantasy all mix together.

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Genre Agnostic | No Word Count | Player-Driven

Taking place on a planet of illogical nonsense, Whazzit Weyrd is a creature bonding site full of weirdness and crazy-random-happenstance. Where members come together to create prettyshiny creatures for each other and tell any story that they may desire. With the most minimal limits on what kind of characters are allowed, and an infinite backdrop to fit any desires you may have, Whazzit is a player driven experience where anything can, and often does, happen.

Whazzit Weryd, where expecting the unexpected means coming to terms with the fact that your teapot just became a talking dragonfly and wants to be your new best friend.

Other Notes: Whazzit is an inherently silly, player driven site. Though it can be very light-hearted, it can also be just as deep as the players want it to be.

Contact Details: Our cbox is guest friendly, and our Discord is open to questions!

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