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Akrasia - Fantasy wolf rp


High fantasy wolf rp
Relaxed character creation, easy joining
Multiple packs to choose from
Plot Challenges and lively community
Active Discord community
Friendly Community

What is Akrasia about?

We are a fantasy style canine forum roleplay that focuses on a friendly atmosphere and creative character stories. Our game is mostly free-form to allow character plots and relations, but there is a background plot and random plot-challenges to get some inspiration going when you need it. Our character joining process is simple to allow players to get right into the game, and we have multiple packs to choose from.

More our our packs
  • Athadia is a noble pack but they find themselves on the brink of a civil war after long-held traditions are abolished.
  • Vrolga is a mysterious pack that collects treasures and values the warrior spirit.
  • Casfura is a sea-faring pack who may turn out to be pirates and explorers.

What awaits the wolves now?
Will you embrace the challenges the world throws at you?
Or will you crumble and succumb to Akrasia?

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