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Leave of Absence


gender: Non-Conforming


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Stardust: 35✪
Please post below if you will be delayed or absent in posting. Feel free to not specify a reason for taking a rest from Folklore! We respect your privacy. All reasons for taking a break are equally welcome. Those on the list will not be responsible for meeting activity checks.

Please keep in mind that those who miss two activity checks in a row will be moved to inactive.

If this happens to you and you return, we'll get you right back into the game! No worries.

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the executioner


Stardust: 565✪
OOC Name: Aleksandr
Dates of Absence: 7/8/19 - not a clue.

i'm struggling pretty hard right now mentally and physically. i can't get myself to write so i'm getting off until muse hits.
Kassian is rated M for violence and language and sexual situations.

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