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Cyrileth is a land that is richly steeped in culture. Given its cruel landscape and unforgiving weather, this was oft known as the land of thieves and criminals. Distant nations sentenced their exiles to roam the lands in hopes that, soon, they would meet their demise. More often than not, these wayward souls found their gaze pointing up to the stars. A vivid and intricate religion formed around the heavens and, soon, ten star dieties ruled over the skies. Children born to Cyrilethians were swathed in spirituality and, from the moment they took their first breath, they had a patron god to bless and bewitch them.

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Act III, Year 3
Legend holds of the four horsemen of the apocalypse... and such a thing was witnessed here. Four natural disasters plagued the land, taking several lives in the process. From blizzards to rockslides, the wolves of Cyrileth suffered. At last, when the worst seemed to be over, a great earthquake led to mass destruction and the reveal of Pyria, a land lost to the sands of time.

Centuries ago, the wolves of Pyria were separated from the whole of Cyrileth. They created their own religion separate from the stars. To them, all that mattered was a God and Goddess duality. Earth was the tangible manifestation of sin. In order to rid the world of heathens, they attacked all of the packs of Cyrileth. Their campaign ended in ruin, however, and their people have scattered to the wind.

Act II, Year 2
Great rains have come to quench the forest fire, and the Red Wood now remains a decrepit grave. With peace came disquiet, and so did the denizens of Cyrileth fall into monotony again. Until a corpse was found within the Floodplains. After noticing several strange details at the scene of the murder, the wolves of Cyrileth are beginning to speculate: what killed the poor soul?

A bear is the known culprit of the murder. As the wolves of Cyrileth attempt to band together to stop this murderous beast, they consider the price that they might pay: their lives. The bear's lair is found behind the waterfall at Earth's Edge. Wolves of Cyrileth are tempted into the darkness, yet what dark secrets await? Some whisper that these are the paths to a new world, one of eternal suffering. Others seek adventure, revenge, glory, or perhaps the seed of the Eldritch Tree.

Explorers braved the passage to a new world and found only frightening, nightmarish creatures. The culprit of the deceased was found and destroyed, though each warrior left with more questions than answers. What is that tunnel? What more will befall Cyrileth?

Act I, Year 1
The Red Wood has started to rot. Fallen logs have left open wounds within the forest canopy. Crimson leaves brown as they wither upon the forest floor. The Eldritch Tree is dying.

Natives and outsiders alike have come to marvel over the dying god. Some have found solace beneath the tree's branches whilst never understanding why. Wolves have noticed a strange pollen in the air as well as a tinge of bitterness in the surrounding creeks. Hints of blood mark the grass by the Eldritch Tree's trunk, yet whether from death or battle, none are certain. The wolves of Cyrileth are beginning to think that a poisonous mold has taken hold of the forest...

Prayers to the Father set the Red Wood ablaze. Out of mercy, the Father euthanized the Eldritch Tree with a strike of lightning.

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