Breeding on Folklore occurs all year and the max litter size is 4 pups. Puppies are extremely exciting and help to enrich our characters' lives! Keep in mind that reproducing is a reward for activity and dedication to the website. Rushing litters is frowned upon and we highly suggest taking time to plan relationships and puppies carefully. Pregnant mothers must take good care of themselves as combat and injuries during the pregnancy will lead to a 50/50 chance of miscarriage. Due to the burdens of pregnancy and nursing, mothers will also have a -1 in combat and a -20 HP in raids. Additionally, pups under the age of 4 months cannot leave the land they were born in unless escorted by an adult.

Breeding items are in located in the shop and may provide exceptions to some rules listed here. If items affect rolling, they must be purchased prior to submitting a breeding request. If items do not affect rolling, they may be purchased up to 48 hours after the puppies are rolled. It is highly encouraged to double-check that colors, especially eye colors, have a chance of showing up. A rule of thumb is to have the character with the dominant eye color purchase a recessive of any color.

Post-Roll Items
Revive Stillborn
One Pup Customization

Breeding Requirements
Each parent must be 2+ years of age
Each parent must be active on-site for a minimum of one IC season prior to breeding
Couples must complete 3 threads that have 5 posts from each parent
Each parent must purchase a breeding pass.
Neither parent has produced a litter yet that year

Requirements must be completed and the litter requested while the characters are active. Once you have met the requirements, be sure to fill out this form in the Nursery. In the month between the pups being born and being playable, the mother must complete a thread that brings the pups into the game. This can be a birth thread, a pregnancy thread, same-sex parents nesting/talking about wanting children. If a thread is not completed, the pups die due to inactivity. Below is the breeding timeline.

If you are curious about previous litters, look at the accepted litter registry.

Breeding Timeline
Form Submission & Approval
Once approved, this is considered the conception date and the clock begins so make sure you're able to be present before submitting your app because once it's approved that counts as your breeding attempt for the year!
1 Month
Pregnancy or Birth Thread must be completed within this 1 month window
Litter size & Pup Genetics are rolled
Pups Playable
1 Month
Pups are adopted and playable right after birth and players write them as newborns & toddlers using liquid time to approximate them at ~1 month of age.
Pups Die
At 1 month of age if not adopted (in play & accepted), if they have no nursing mother while < 4 months of age, or if the mother goes inactive during the pregnancy.

Litters are rolled through a Matlab code written by claerie. Parent genetics determine a pup's fundamental colors whilst parents are left to design the pups themselves. Unless otherwise stated, users customize all aspects of a pup except for: fur color, eye color, and constellation. Users may opt to have biological sex rolled or can choose the sex of their pups independently.

First Litter

for each parent


for each parent

max 3 pups
One Mutated Parent

Two Mutated Parents

Stillbirth percentages are rolled based off of a parents' affiliation and status upon acceptance of the litter. Pups are more likely to inherit their parent's mutation than any other. Note: Incest is defined as within 3 levels (or generations) of relation. This sets grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, and parents' siblings as incest.

Same Sex "Breeding"
We do not officially allow same-sex couples to breed due to the lack of realism, however same-sex couples do have the option of finding a litter of puppies that look suspiciously like the parents. Staff will roll the puppies just like any other couple and all of the same restrictions apply: i.e. having three threads first, posting the breeding form, needing to find adopters for the puppies.

The timeline is the same as a heterosexual couple. There is still a one-month "gestation" like all other pups in which the parents must complete a thread where they are preparing a nest or talking about wanting children. On the day when the pups are found, the genetics are rolled. The pups are found at 4 months of age and parents have until the pups turn 5 months of age to find adopters. The pups must be brought into the game and active before they turn 5 months of age or they die.

Same sex couples are also free to adopt pups without going through this process. This process is for those that would like pups specifically rolled.

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