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Breeding occurs ALL YEAR
Wolves of all genders may breed once per year.
All litters have a 1 pup guarantee
All wolves may have up to 4 pups per litter

Fill out THIS form when you are ready to breed.

Be 1+ years of age
Complete 3 threads (unless otherwise specified)
Have not yet conceived a litter that year (unless otherwise specified)

Mutated Breeding
NEW: If certain mutations breed, they are able to pass certain characteristics into the gene pool automatically and potentially.

Melanism ... Black Eyes (50%), Recessive Genes: One Eye + Fur Color, Partial Melanism (???%)
Albinism ... Recessive Genes: One Eye + Fur Color (100%), Partial Albinism (???%)
Chimerism ... if mixed with melanism or albinism Partial Albinism/Melanism (???%)

Once approved, staff will...

Roll the number of pups ... 1 to 4 for all parents.

Determine Stillbirths ... Yearlings [25% chance] , Adults [5% chance] , Elders [40% chance] , Inbreeding [+20% chance]

Assign a constellation for the litter ... roll from 1 to 4

Post each pup and available genes ... every pup has the parents' genes to choose from. There is a 50% chance of the pup inheriting colors / sizes / skills from all on-site relatives (aunts/uncles/grandparents, etc.)

Mutation chance ... all pups automatically have a 5% chance of being mutated. This chance rises to 10% if one parent is mutated and 50% if both parents are.

NOTE* A litter may be sired by two fathers. In this instance, staff must be notified and the breeding requirement must be met with both fathers (i.e. the pregnant female must have at least 6 completed threads, 3 with one father and 3 with another). After the initial litter size has been rolled, another roll of the dice will determine how many pups are from each father.

For all your puppies, you choose...
5 Personality Words

The mother is pregnant for 2 months after the pups are rolled. You MUST have an adopter 3 months after the pups are born.

Same Sex "Breeding"
We do not officially allow same-sex couples to breed due to the lack of realism, however same-sex couples do have the option of finding a litter of puppies that look suspiciously like the parents. Staff will roll the puppies just like any other couple and all of the same restrictions apply: i.e. having three threads first, posting the breeding form, needing to find adopters for the puppies 3 months after they are found.

Please Note: Same sex couples are also free to adopt pups without going through this process. This process is for those that would like pups specifically rolled.

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