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Breeding occurs ALL YEAR

Wolves may only breed once per year

All litters have a 1 live pup guarantee

All wolves may have up to 4 pups per litter

The mother is pregnant for 2 IC months after the pups are rolled. The players of all pups must have created an account and be accepted before the character is 2 months of age. If no player is available to play the puppy after reaching 2 months of age, the puppy will die.

Be 2+ years of age

Complete 3 threads

Have not yet conceived a litter within the last IC year, and any previous pups are a minimum 6 of months of age.

Fill out THIS form when you are ready to breed.

Genetic Tags
All characters on Folklore have a genetic tag associated with their character. The genetic tag holds information on dominant (visible) and recessive (invisible) traits.

→ Example: NN, Cb, Ts, xr, Pk, XY
A brown (N), cream (C), and tan (T) wolf (3 colors) with black (b), russet (s), and red (r) recessive fur colors. The wolf has purple eyes but carries the recessive trait for pink eyes. The wolf is biologically male.

The first four slots contain alleles for fur color.
The second-to-last slot contains the alleles for eye color.
The last slot contains the alleles for biological sex

Capital letters are dominant traits.
Lowercase letters are recessive traits.

A dominant trait on a wolf can not present as recessive.
→ Example: Bn Nt is unacceptable because brown (N) presents as recessive on the first allele (n) and dominant on the second. (N)

→ Notes
Heterochromia presents as the colors that are visible and an “H” if it is dominant, i.e. (ELH is Green/Blue heterochromia).

Any gene slot with a “x” is a slot that displays no color on the body. Any other alleles attached to a “x” will be recessive and invisible on the wolf.

→ Fur Colors (in order of dominance)
B, b = Black
G, g = Gray
N, n = Brown
C, c = Cream
T, t = Tan
W, w = White
S, s = Russet
R, r = Red
O, o = Gold
L, l = Blue
x = None

→ Eye Colors (in order of dominance)
N, n = Brown
Y, y = Yellow
O, o = Orange
G, g = Gray
E,e = Green
L, l = Blue
P, p = Purple
K, k = Pink
R, r = Red
B, b = Black
H, h = Heterochromatic

→ Biological Sex
XX = Female
XY = Male


15% → All pups have a 15% chance of being stillborn.
+10% → The litter is the she-wolf’s first litter on the site.
+10% → Added for every parent that is a loner.
+10% → Added for every parent over the age of 6 years
+20% → Inbreeding

Example: A loner male and a packwolf female, both aged 7, have a litter. This is the she-wolf’s first litter on the site.
Stillbirth Percentage: 15% (base) + 10% (aged) + 10% (aged) +10% (first litter) + 10% (loner male) = 55%


All pups automatically have a 5% chance of being mutated.
Pups have a 10% chance of being mutated if one parent is mutated.
Pups have a 50% chance of being mutated if both parents are mutated.
→ Pups have a higher chance of inheriting their parents’ mutation than any others.

When all prospective parents have completed the requirements for breeding, the pups will be rolled. Rolling is automated through code. Some traits will always be rolled for a litter, others will be optional, and others are left to user customization.

→ Mandatory Traits
Number of Pups
Fur Colors
Eye Color

→ Optional Traits
Biological sex

User Customized Traits
After a pup has been rolled, the parents may always customize the following traits:

Design [using the colors rolled]
Skills [limited to parent skills]
Biological Sex

Users may opt to have biological sex rolled.

Same Sex "Breeding"
We do not officially allow same-sex couples to breed due to the lack of realism, however same-sex couples do have the option of finding a litter of puppies that look suspiciously like the parents. Staff will roll the puppies just like any other couple and all of the same restrictions apply: i.e. having three threads first, posting the breeding form, needing to find adopters for the puppies 3 months after they are found.

Please Note: Same sex couples are also free to adopt pups without going through this process. This process is for those that would like pups specifically rolled.

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