Pack Formation
Packs offer a wealth of writing material as well as several benefits. Pack wolves receive a +1 in combat and reduce stillbirth percentages in affiliated mothers. Packs receive their own discord channels for coordinating events. Each pack will have a page denoting rules and enlisted members. Alphas are responsible for keeping this page updated, as it will be used to determine whether a pack disbands.

Alphas on Folklore have unique power and responsibility. They manage their pack pages OOCly and the members of the packs ICly; they are also responsible for making allies and enemies. As such, alphas must be cognizant of IC gameplay mechanisms such as wars and rank challenges. Alphas may wage war, but they may also have war waged upon them. Equally likely are rank challenges.

It is important that all players, and especially alphas, keep in mind that IC gameplay mechanisms should not be conflated with OOC feelings. Wars and rank challenges are functions of IC gameplay, and not places for OOC emotions. However, because these IC situations can be stressful for everyone involved, it is always courteous to reach out to the defending pack or alpha before wars or rank challenges and be transparent about your plans, if possible.

Threads: If a thread is made on pack lands (border included) and one of the participants is a non-member, any pack member may enter the thread. Alphas can enter any thread in pack land regardless of who is involved.

Alpha(s) (2 max in a pack)
Have 40 posts
Initiate threads (at least 5 posts from each wolf) with each potential member discussing joining the pack (group threads of 4+ members do not count). Please note that these threads do not need to be complete to claim pack status. This requirement may be split across 2 alphas.
Have at least 5 members aged 1+ years
Have one claimed territory (cannot expand beyond this)
Complete the activity requirement

Once the requirements are met, post in the updates channel in discord to request your pack.

Pack Activity Requirement
Each season, your pack should conduct an event of import. This event could be a hunt, a tournament, a festival, etc. Insofar as the event is intended for the entirety of the pack to participate in, the event is likely to count. Alphas are free to post event threads and/or host raids within the discord. Activity requirements must be completed before the season ends and at least 5 pack members must participate. For more information as to what counts for your activity requirement, please contact staff.
Moving, Disbanding, & Reforming
Packs may move territories. To do so, they must post a moving thread that contains a minimum of 10 posts. If fewer than 5 wolves agree to move, the pack stays put and risks disbanding should IC events lead to dissolution. Additionally, the alpha must purchase the "Move Territory" item from the shop. If a pack wishes to change its name and/or color, it will have to change in a substantial way. This means changing at least two of the three major components of a pack: leader, land, culture.

Packs disband if they fall beneath 5 members (alphas included) or fail to meet the activity requirement.

In order to reform, all of the thread requirements must be completed again. The rational for this is that, ICly, alphas must convince their old pack mates to return.

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