Character Creation
This page contains all of the information you need to create a character. Please look over this page thoroughly and, if you have any questions, be sure to ask! Staff members can check designs as well as offer valuable insight.

The chart below serves to guide you through all of the biographical information in your character profiles and the options you can choose.

Biographical Information
Field Options
All character accounts should be the FIRST name of your character. Names have an 11 character limit. Be sure that your character name does not stretch the board.
2-11 Months
Shop Only

1 Year


2-6 Years


7-11 Years






Characters that do not utilize typical gender binary.

Please inform staff of sex for breeding purposes.

Please also be aware that biological sex is still a physical smell that may be scented by wolves in-game.


25’’ to 28’’
40 to 80 lbs


29’’ to 32’’
80 to 120 lbs


33’’ to 36’’
120 to 160 lbs

Attracted to
Supply a full-body visual reference AND/OR write 200 words
note: no spots, stripes, curly tails, floppy ears, extra limbs. See below for a markings guide, color swatches, and mutation guide.
Minimum 5 defining personality words
example: taciturn, stern, dogmatic, ill-tempered, fastidious
Select one of the classic D&D archetypes from the drop-down window. More info here.
Birth Season
Choose one from the list below. Please see the Constellations section of the guidebook for more info.
Choose three skills from the list below. Please see the Combat section of the guidebook for more info.
Sizes and Body Types
Please bear in mind that the above size ranges are guidelines only. The available sizes are: extra small (purchased as a mutation), small, medium, large, and extra large (purchased as a mutation). Though every character is expected to choose a size, the specific heights and weights within the size ranges will not be officially policed. However, they remain relevant to keeping character sizes realistic, and they should be used as references and guidelines for approximately where characters may fall on the height spectrum.

For reference: Between the smallest wolf (25'') and the largest wolf (36''), there is less than a foot (a ruler) in height difference between the wolves. While the size difference is noticeable, it is not dramatic, and a larger size confers no game-play benefit.

Folklore additionally uses Body Types as helpful descriptors for the physique a character may have. These body types include: Athletic, Average, Curvy, Emaciated, Lithe, Muscular, Overweight, and Underweight.

Markings Guide
Markings should be realistic and should have bilateral symmetry (i.e. if a wolf has a sock on its front left paw, it must be on its front right paw. If a wolf has a saddle visible on the left side, it must be equally visible on the right). Referencing photos of real wolves is suggested.

No more than 25% of a wolf's body may be covered in traumatic injuries such as scarring or burning. No exposed bone is allowed in character designs.

Unacceptable markings are, but are not limited to: Spots, Stripes, Brindle, Whirls / Swirls, Galaxy, Distinct Shapes (hearts, tear drops, crescent moons, etc.), or Spectacles (a single going completely around the eye). These markings are not welcome on any design, even mutated ones. Flecking may only be in areas of longer fur and a map of where we allow flecks is listed here (blue is good, red is bad).

Above, this little bad boy has rolled into paint and made some marking mistakes. Can you find them all?
Answer Key: A) Spectacles/Eye Glasses ; B & C) Shapes ; D) Brindle ; E) Asymmetrical/Not bilateral symmetry ; F) Racing stripe ; G) Spots ; H) Thylacine/Stripes; I) Rings/Stripes; J) Unblended, perfect diamonds

Oppositely, this guy's sister rolled in paint the right way! Look at how her markings have a gradient and her flecking is not dotty.

Acceptable Colors
Erring on the side of realism, Folklore permits strictly naturally occurring colors for fur (with creative license given for blue, gold, and red). Eye colors are much more free form and all shades from the color wheel are permitted.

Eye Colors

Above are the available eye colors. As stated previously, you do not have to select the exact colors above and may have any shade. Folklore allows for heterochromia and welcomes all types. Heterochromia does not necessarily require two different colors. You are welcome to have one color that includes starkly different shades (i.e. ice blue and dark blue). Black eyes are only for melanistic wolves.

Fur Colors

Above are the available fur colors. You do not have to select the exact colors above but we suggest caution as colors not listed here may be asked to be changed. We are most picky about red, blue, and gold and so anticipate slight changes if using these colors.

Folklore offers a small assortment of aesthetic mutations. Characters with these fur patterns must be purchased from the shop.

Accepted Mutations
Mutation Description
Unpigmented. Completely white fur with pink skin. Red/Blue/Pink/Purple eyes. Pupils are not black but red; hues should be pale or vibrant, and not deep or dark. Have a sensitivity to sunlight.
Overly pigmented. Completely black fur with black skin. Eyes are completely black but may contain sparse spots or flecks of additional colors.
Vitiligo, chimera, piebald. Still subject to the unacceptable markings guidelines. Please note that vitiligo may not progressively worsen over time. Character appearances cannot be changed after acceptance.

Exempt from bilateral symmetry constraint. May have splotches (but no perfectly circular spots)

Size Extremism
Your wolf can be +/- five inches above or below the largest or smallest size. Your wolf may be +/- twenty pounds above or below the largest or smallest size.

While not required, wolves with this mutation are encouraged ICly to portray realistic health effects. Wolves with large size extremism likely would suffer ailments such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, bloat, and muscle tears. Wolves with small size extremism would likely suffer diseases such as hypoglycemia, seizures, heart defects, and respiratory problems. The existence, severity, and voracity of these realistic ailments are up to the role-player.

Please note again that, while not required, these diseases are very realistic, especially for wolves who may be on extreme ends of the large or small categories!

Constellation Shortlist
Each character is born beneath a star. That star, in the native religion of Cyrileth, is from a pantheon of 10 deities. These deities, amidst their lore and legacy, impart a certain blessing unto their chosen few. When creating your character, regardless of their belief in the native stars, choose the birth constellation wisely. Some constellations will lend to benefits in breeding, combat, or IC interactions. In game, other characters may choose to judge your character based off of their birth star. Birth signs are seen in the eyes only by those born under the Mother, Shadow and Crone.

Constellations & Perks
Star Perk
+1 Pup to your litter
Form a pack with one less member than required
May enter all threads (private, pack territory, etc.) and spy for three rounds. There is a 25% failure rate and a 25% chance that you are untraceable afterwards. Before using the perk, please roll success in the discord channel labeled "Sneak Success Roll".

No stillbirth percentage
Freely determine your recessive genes once
In combat and raids, your opponent cannot run away or flee before their pull threshold is reached.
Free customization of one pup from a litter (excluding mutations) before rolling
Roll advantage (roll twice, take the highest number) once per raid.
+1 Point in combat
Eldritch Tree
Negate negative effects caused by another's constellation. None can spy on you, etc.
Skill Shortlist
Folklore uses an expansive game of "rock-paper-scissors" to determine the victor of judged combat. Each skill is weak to another, just as each skill is strong against another. When selecting skills for your character, think of which three areas your wolf will excel in.

Skill Weakness

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