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Character Creation

All character accounts should be the FIRST NAME of your character. Please capitalize the first letter.

You may join with a character of any age. Please note that pups less than 2 months old will need a nursing female in-play. Characters less than 6 months old will need a guardian.

Pups ... < 1 Year
Yearlings ... 1 - 2 Years
Adults ... 2 - 7 Years
Elders ... 7 - 11 Years

Female, Male, or Non-Conforming. Non-Conforming is a blanket term to catch all other genders such as non-binary, transgender, etc.

Please note, Non-Conforming does not refer to sexuality.

Additionally, do NOT choose Non-Conforming if you are uncertain of your character's gender. Please tell staff the sex of the character upon acceptance as it impacts breeding. There is no changing it afterwards.

Small ... 25'' to 28'' | 40-80 lbs
Medium ... 29'' to 32'' | 80 lbs - 120 lbs
Large ... 33'' to 36'' | 120 lbs to 160 lbs

All appearances must be more or less realistic. All markings must have bilateral symmetry (i.e. if you have a white sock on your front left paw, it must be on your right as well unless you are piebald or chimera). Skin mutations are not monitored, feel free to have pink or vitiligo skin. A visual reference is preferred. Submission of a reference will negate the need for a written appearance. If no reference is supplied, a minimum of 50 words must be written about the character's physical appearance.

Fur Colors
Characters are permitted up to 4 colors of any listed here.

Eye Colors

Characters are permitted any of the colors listed here. Heterochromia is acceptable. Black eyes reserved for melanism mutation.


We accept the following mutations in SMALL numbers. Based on staff discretion, slots for mutated wolves will open. When those slots are filled, no more mutated wolves may be created until more slots become available. An announcement will be made when mutated wolves are available.

Before creating a piebald or a chimera wolf, please have the design approved by staff before creating the character's account. This is to ensure that the design adheres to the typical qualities of a chimera and/or piebald style.

For information on mutation availability, please check the Mutation Census.

If you are applying to have a mutated wolf, the expectation is that you understand how to adhere to the mutation realistically in terms of negative consequences, colors, etc.

Albinism ... unpigmented. White fur, pink skin, red/pink/blue eyes, sun sensitivity.
Melanism ... overly pigmented. Black fur, no visible markings, eyes must be entirely black or contain some black in them (flecks, spots, etc.)
Piebald ... unpigmented base with colored splotches. White or cream base and splotches of other colors do not touch.
Chimera ... typically looks like two different designs stitched together. i.e. you do you design.
NEW: Hybrid ... Partial Melanism and/or partial albinism and/or a chimeric mix of the two. These are earned only by breeding.

Please choose FIVE descriptive words that construct the core of your character's personality. You may write additional information, but it is not necessary.
Alignment is referenced from classic Dungeons & Dragons stereotypes.

Birth Season
Determined entirely by constellation. Different stars rule at different times. For first generation sibling groups, the season is dictated by majority. For example, if most have the bear constellation and one has the crone, the entire litter would have been born in summer.

Summer... A time of frolic, of withering heat, of trials withstood ... Father, Twins, Rivalry, Bear

Fall ... A time of change, of a search for shelter, of failed pursuits ... Eldritch Tree, Maiden, Fool, Rivalry

Winter ... A time of cleansing, of cruelty, of loneliness and a need for family ... Crone, Shadow, Mother, Father

Spring ... A time for rebirth, of new beginnings, of a need for guidance ... Mother, Maiden, Twins, Crone

In Cyrileth, every wolf is said to be born under the watchful stars. There are 10 major constellations that are currently known among the natives. The stars under which you are born impact how others treat you as well as what perks and blessings you receive.

Note: Outsiders will not know their sign ICly until a native of a special sign divines it. Natives with the crone, mother, eldritch tree, or shadow signs may divine the star signs of those they meet (both other natives and outsiders) ICly. They can read it from a wolf's eyes. Here is a list of current diviners

Please choose one.

... +1 point in judged combat

... ability to spy on private threads for 3 rounds without detection

... form a pack with one less member than required

... pups have access to all colors & mutations in breeding

... no stillborn pups in breeding

... +1 pup to your litter

... in combat, your opponent cannot run away

... in combat, skills are reversed: strong skills are now weak and vice versa

... negates all negative effects of another wolf's perk. None can spy on you, etc.

... you may breed twice in one year

For more information on the lore, please click HERE

Please pick three skills that articulate the most prominent, physical strengths of your character. While your character may be proficient in other areas, only the skills listed will be factored into combat. For more information on the available skills, click HERE

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