Folklore is closing and the site + discord will be unavailable after 11/23 --- please check the discord for updates!


Joining Checklist
If you have decided to join, please review this checklist and make sure that you've done everything necessary. Feel free to ask questions as needed; our members and staff are more than willing to help. Thank you for choosing us, and we can't wait to meet you!
Familiarize yourself with the rules in the Introduction
Join the Site Discord
Refer to Character Creation and build a character following all guidelines
Create an OOC account with your OOC name. This account will be what you attach all of your character accounts to.
Make a new account with your character's first name as the username. Make sure that the username does not stretch the profile (no longer than ~11 characters). If it does, please contact staff for help.
Fill out your character’s biographical info (name, gender, age, etc.) in your profile
Add a reference of your character or write 200 words for appearance
Write 5 defining words for personality
Once your profile is completely filled out, please post a new thread in the Bestiary with the thread title being your character’s name: Last, First
Wait to be accepted!
Remember that, once accepted, your character design cannot be changed

You can take this time to peruse other areas of the guidebook that you might not have already (Constellations, Combat, Wolf Behavior, etc.)

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