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Raids are events that we conduct in the site discord. When a raid occurs, staff will make a specific channel for the raid. Staff members play the enemies (bears, foxes, natural disasters, etc.) and users play as one of their own characters. Minimal writing is required as these events are meant to be fun, fast, and a tiny bit stressful. All raid events are canon unless otherwise classified, and characters risk permanent scarring, crippling injury, and even death by participating. That said, users are given ample warning before any of these events occur so that the raid is safe and fun for all.

IC knowledge
Raids are to be treated like threads. A character that is pulled from a raid has no knowledge of the events that happened after they left. It is synonymous with exiting a thread. A character may only know what they witness in their particular raid in which they are rolling (i.e. only one battlefield in a war). This is akin to your character only knowing information from threads they were included in.

All wolves have the following stats whilst enemies' stats vary on a case by case basis. Boss enemies often can hit multiple wolves at once with antlers or claw swipes, but wolves may only ever attack one enemy or complete one action at a time. When rolling, users will write out a short description of what their wolf attempts to do. That action can backfire or succeed. The action does not always need to be an attack. Carrying on the hunt or surviving long enough can "wear down" the adversary and still cause damage. Likewise, a wolf may intimidate your own and yours will still take damage in the form of "exhaustion" or a diminished will to carry on.

Wolf Stats
50 HP
-3 to 25

rolling a 1 will cause the wolf to take 3 damage, whilst rolling a 20 causes the wolf to critical hit and do 25 damage

Yearling, Elder, Crippled
40 HP
-3 to 25

rolling a 1 will cause the wolf to take 3 damage, whilst rolling a 20 causes the wolf to critical hit and do 25 damage

If your wolf's HP drops to 10 or below, your wolf will carry a scar of the event. You determine the scar and inform staff so that the note will be added to your profile.

If your wolf's HP drops to 5 or below, your wolf will be crippled in a way that you determine. This can range from fracturing a leg that never heals right to seizures, deadened pain receptors, losing an eye, losing a sense, etc. Inform staff once you have chosen and a note will be added to your profile.

If your wolf's HP hits 0, your wolf has died.

Before any of these events happen in a raid, you will be tagged by staff and asked if you would like to pull your character. Should you choose to keep your character in the raid despite having received a warning, you are agreeing to the potential consequences.

Raids follow the 2-2-2 Rule. This means that in any given raid, you can use up to 2 HP potions , you get 2 days to roll before you are skipped, and if you are skipped 2 times you are kicked from the raid.

Please note that, unless otherwise specified, pups cannot participate and pregnant females risk losing their litters.

When it is your turn to roll in a raid, you will be tagged by staff in the appropriate channel. Afterwards, the process goes as follows:

Rolling Steps
Post a short (~1-5 sentence) description of what your character intends to do. Be careful not to powerplay, godmod, or go beyond reasonable realism.
Type "!roll d20" into discord and hit enter. The RPGbot should spit out a number for you.
Wait and let staff reply. The staff member proctoring the raid will describe the result of your roll.
Cheer on your friends and wait for your next turn! Post within the 2 day window after staff tags you (if you don't you will be skipped). Rinse and repeat.
Once the raid ends, post a summary/exit post in the IC thread documenting the events. The link will be provided along with a closing message by staff in the discord channel.

War is a large scale raid conducted in the site discord. The consequences of wars are vast. Some wolves may lose their families and friends, others may lose their homes. When waging war, be prepared for the IC consequences and exhilarating drama that will soon impact your characters' lives. In order to wage war, you must be the alpha of a pack or the leader of a loner band.

Declaring War
Complete 2 of the Following
Reconnaissance thread on the pack you are attacking
Discussion of tactics with an alpha or beta from your pack
Speak with a fellow pack member about the war
Hold a rally for the war in which four pack members enter
Pack Specific
Pack must be older than 1 season
Loner Specific
The leader(s) of the band must have threaded with every wolf intending to join their war campaign

Once these requirements have been met, please link to your threads in the updates channel of the discord. Transparency with the rival alpha that you are attacking is very important and can lead to fewer hurt feelings. If at any point you feel that you need mediation due to a war, please reach out to members of staff!

Types of Wars
A territory war may only be waged by members of the same region.

The attacking group attempts to chase the defendants from their land. If successful, the attackers may claim the land or leave it vacant. If unsuccessful, the attackers are chased from their land and the defendants may take it or leave it vacant.

A custom war is unique. You determine the benefit of winning with the alpha that you are plotting with. This can be reclaiming hostages, taking prisoners of war, striking fear into the other pack, conquering the pack, etc.

You also determine the cost of war should you lose. This could be losing hostages, having another wolf taken hostage, failing to recover prisoners of war, losing a bride to an unfavorable marriage, being conquered, etc.

After waging war, there is a 1 season cool-down. During this cool-down period, both the defender and attacker cannot be attacked by, or attack, any other group.

War Logistics
Once a war has been initiated, staff will set up a channel for the battlefield. Staff will post a docket detailing the liabilities of the pack and the number of able-bodied wolves that can participate. Users may elect to not have their characters participate in the war, but there will be IC consequences for doing so. Be sure to work out IC repercussions with your alpha/bandleader.

There will be three battlefields upon which the war is waged. Alphas will privately create a strategy that places wolves in each battlefield. This battleplan should be sent to staff privately before the war begins.

To participate in a war, your wolf must at least have 15 posts on-site.
Pups are considered liabilities in a pack and must be defended. For every 4 pups in a pack, an eligible warrior must stay home to watch them. Nursing & Pregnant wolves are also liabilities and warriors must be left to protect them as well.
Allied packs may elect to send up to 2 wolves to aid in the war effort. Allies must have been officiated ICly through 2 threads between the alphas. There should be verbal confirmation of being allies at some point in either thread. The threads do not have to be complete.

Note: Users with two alphas can ally with themselves ICly but cannot aid in war efforts.

Home Advantage
The defending alpha is able to learn the number of wolves stationed in one battle land.
Users with multiple characters in the same pack may only have 2 participate.

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